Unfair AirBnB Rental Ban Hurts 900 Atlantic City Property Owners

marty small
Mo Marty. Mo Taxes. (Pic: Boardwalk Journal)

As per request from Atlantic City Mayor Small and Council President Tibbitt, websites like AirBnB are now blocking all short-term rentals in Atlantic City. Until further notice. You can’t even book a place for New Years Eve 2021. WTF.

But wait, there’s more. All local, Jersey Shore real estate websites are still up and running. Plenty of Atlantic Cit,y short-term rental listings.

Whoa, it gets worse.

Wanna rent a room for a few days at the Hard Rock this July? No problem. Go online and reserve one.

Somebody call my main home boy, Jimmy Whitehead. We got some real estate apartheid going on here…

Oppressed AC Taxpayer

WTF. The State of NJ just placed a large group of homeless inside some of our Atlantic City motels and hotels.

Anyone see a problem here?

Rob Long Marty Small DCA
NJ DCA’s Rob Long & Mayor Marty Small

Why would Mayor Small & Council President Tibbitt want to destroy one of the fastest growing segments of our economy?

Are they bowing to pressure from a voting block? We think so. Both Small and Tibbitt are soiling their pants. Re-election is far from certain for these two knuckleheads.

The ill-informed Joyce Molineax of the Atlantic City Democratic Party believes AirBnB is dangerous to young children. Yup. She said that during a January 2020 council meeting.

Watch Ms. Joyce as she reads from a script. Then see Council President Tibbitt respond. Pure pandering for votes. Foolish contempt for small business development in Atlantic City. WATCH VIDEO >

Molineax was a proud supporter of ousted Mayor, Frank Gilliam. The pint-sized political activist is a foot soldier for the Callaway machine. Got the Benjamins? We’ll get ya da votes. No matter how weak of a candidate you are.

Prior to AirBnB, weekly rentals in Atlantic City were nothing to write home about. Then came the advent of online, short-term rental platforms like AirBnB, VRBO, and Home-away. AC’s housing stock became more valuable.

Higher home values mean more tax dollars. A more vibrant economy. Blighted properties undergo makeovers. More tourists buying stuff. What’s not to like?

AC homes that languished for years getting snapped up, fixed up, and placed online for short-term renters to reserve.

But now, that’s all over. Short-sighted thinking from Small & Tibbitt. Dumb & Dumber.

If you’d normally use AirBnB to find a place to stay this summer, all bets are off. Mayor Marty Small forced AirBnB to completely shut down all AC rental listings. That’s how Party Marty rolls. Big Ego. Small Mind.

The NJ Governor recommends that all online platforms offering short-term rentals, be suspended. But Murphy is cool with realtors doing business on a one-on-one basis, with no open houses.

Towns like Atlantic City and Brigantine decided to specifically target AirBnB type rental listings. Whereas online platforms from local real estate companies are still allowed to operate their short-term rental business…. as usual.

Good for Atlantic City?

It’s an ugly fact. Mayor Small & Councilman Tibbitt have single-handedly destroyed the economic livelihood of over 1,000 Atlantic City homeowners who depend on AirBnB for their livelihood. They need to rent their homes in order to pay those crazy Atlantic City property taxes.

Let that sink in for a bit.

The Mayor of Atlantic City, who has a household income of $300,000 with Cadillac healthcare and pension, is picking winners and losers. Both Mayor Small and his wife (AC High School Principal) enjoy lavish salaries, protected benefits, pension and more.

The losers: those who depend on AirBnB to pay their mortgage and ridiculous AC taxes.

The winners: local real estate offices and casino hotels that continue to offer short-term rentals & rooms throughout the Summer of 2020 and beyond.

#LearnedAndConfirmed. You my friend, have been royally scammed by Mayor Marty Small, and City Council President, George Tibbitt.


    1. Ventnor has a 21 day minimum rental period if one applies for a CO. Of course many landlord don’t do it the right way and skip the CO process

    2. Days later after AC PrimeTime broke this story, NO ACTION FROM THE MAYOR OR HIS ADMINISTRATION! No revision of executive order, no end date, no response whats so ever. If you run a small business in Atlantic City ANY SMALL BUSINESS, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT vote to re-elect this Mayor. He cares NOTHING about opening up the City in the future and more about pandering for votes from non-business owners in the City like Joyce Molineax. DO NOT VOTE TO RE-ELECT MAYOR SMALL!

      L.E.T.S. A.C.E. IT!

      Eagle Fan Not Business Fan

      By the way, you can book a room in a casino any time past May 15, and STILL SILENCE from this Mayor. So let’s welcome every one into the casinos, but not the safety of a single family home. Bizarre!

  1. You cant get a C.O. for short term? Perhaps they just have a C.O. for any kind of rental. Their are AirBnbs everywhere in Margate and Ventnor that you can book for this weekend right now. Just go onto Airbnb.com. You can book any day you want. I am not saying that is right at this time. I am just saying that is what it is. No restrictions at all in Margate or Ventnor.

  2. Easy fix to this problem Mr. Mayor. AMEND YOUR EXECUTIVE ORDER (as permitted in the order the signed) by adding a tentative end date. IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE MARTY.

    By placing an end date on the executive order, it allows the platforms to reopen and allow for bookings in the future. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO SHUT DOWN ATLANTIC CITY’S LAST HOPE to bring people to town INDEFINITELY? Do the right thing.

    Then in the unlikely event you find that the date needs to be adjusted, you can do so in the future. DO THE RIGHT THING MARY AND GEORGE, please.

  3. Modify NOW!
    For the good of the City and the good of the few that still want to come here.


  4. Ms. Molineax, we need to take your public accusations VERY SERIOUSLY, can you please post here, or contact the authorities immediately with the instances of harm being brought to City children by AirBnb? The welfare of our children is at stake according to you, and we need to know of an instance that has caused you to make this public statement as evidenced in the video above. OR, are you public allegations just simply completely unfounded?

    In the defense of the Council President, he did say in the video, there are two sides to ever coin and some people need AirBnb to help pay the ever rising and NEVER ENDING taxes, here in Atlantic City. At-least he recognizes the need beyond just greedy people running for-profit businesses out of their home.
    Thank you AC PRIMETIME for posting things like the video above. Without it, we would have never know of this horror being committed in the neighborhoods of Atlantic City that Joyce speaks of.

  5. The Atlantic City government has continuously mismanaged its City and failed to do what was necessary to keep AC relevant and kept up with the changes and demand in the market place.

    Their failure to reinvent itself caused a sharp decline in the casino and tourism industries, the main sources of income for South Jersey.

    AC failed to capitalize on the existing infrastructure of casinos, convention centers, and the beautiful Jersey Shore beaches is a waste of the economic opportunity we have in South Jersey.

    The City can easily ease their regulatory approval processes and give tax incentives to investors to spur investments and development. They can easily demolish many run down properties along side Pacific Ave and turn the City around with more shops, restaurants, and have more family-friendly activities for vacationers.

    Instead, AC government sent property tax increase notices of $2000 to $4000 minimum to homeowner like myself for this year 2020 and at the same time prevented property owners from increasing the rent to fair market because AC is a rent control city.

    AC government also recent tried to send their infected COVID 19 homeless individuals to its neighboring towns and tried to kick their problems to others.

    The City is filled with homeless people and drug addicts. Now, they want to stop short term rental to further limit the financial contribution from those investors who are helping to keep the City from being a complete run down City and no visitors want to visit.

    AC government must acknowledge their decisions affect the entire Atlantic county and the surrounding counties.

    Many of us who live and work in South Jersey depends on Atlantic City doing well.

    Do the right thing and cancel your inconsiderate Order and focus on doing what necessary to create jobs and run a better City for all of us who call South Jersey home!

    1. The mayor can still keep his order in effect, but why not put an end date on it? Allow for future bookings and the opportunity for people to reserve stays in the future. Just as they are permitted to do with the casino hotels now.

      The Mayor either failed to realize that when he issued executive order, or it was an honest oversight. Either way, the problem should be corrected for the good of the city.

      Otherwise, when this is all over, we’ll have nothing to come back to other than high paying government jobs.

  6. Please note: While AC Mayor Small banned AirBnB type sites indefinitely, you can still find AC rentals on local realtor sites. You can also book a room at Hard Rock this summer. And, if you claim to be homeless, Atlantic County will place you in a local motel, for free.

    Mayor Small & Council President Tibbitt have mislead us. They went overboard. They’re killing our economy while they pander for votes.

    Atlantic City Mayoral Candidate Jimmy Whitehead would called this ‘Real Estate Apartheid’.

  7. The indefinite ban of STRs (short term rentals) is beyond idiotic. If a family wanted to book a week in the summer of 2022 they cannot, how does that help the future well-being of the city?

    Some stats: Last year Atlantic County Short Term Rentals welcomed 43,800 guests and families into our wonderful city.

    Since the new tax law went into effect in 2018 extending state-administered and local occupancy taxes to STRs, Airbnb (not including reservations from other sites like VRBO) alone remitted $17.9 million in revenue directly to the state and cities. Not to mention the millions of dollars short-term rental guests spend locally on restaurants, entertainment, transportation, and casino gaming.

    Additionally, Short Term Rental owners buy homes, make significant investments in upgrades, improving home values, not to mention the local jobs they create (cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, management, etc).

    All of this revenue, taxes, and benefit for the city and neighborhoods will indefinitely disappear if there’s not an end-date added to the order.

    I suggest June 1st, this can be extended if the virus is still an issue. Please correct this travesty Mr. Mayor and team.

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