Van Drew and GOP Insiders Rattled By Underdog Grossman

Once again, Congressional candidate Seth Grossman, is rattling the cage of opponent/dentist Jeff Van Drew. So much so, that local newspapers are being encouraged to print anything that could stop the accelerating Trump Train in South Jersey.

Grossman is the wildcard GOP nominee in New Jersey’s highly contested 2nd Congressional District.

Early buzz is that Grossman will ride the Red Wave of conservatism in the upcoming November elections.

The radical far left group called American Bridge to the 21st Century has been keeping busy in their quest to flood the mainstream media, including the Press Of Atlantic City, with anything that could be used to cast questionable light on any republican candidate.

The Press of Atlantic City, an openly liberal/activist newspaper is now run by a Davenport Iowa media company. They quickly jumped on this next phase of biased political reporting.

Grossman is standing firm. ‘At one time, American people were not afraid to express differing opinions. Today, if you don’t 100% agree with liberal dogma, you’ll get accused of just about anything.’

Badge of honor, says supporters of Grossman, a highly respected Somers Point attorney and former AC Councilman.

Grossman upset the local GOP apple cart and handily beat GOP Hirsh Signh in the recent GOP primary. Much to the chagrin of Atlantic County’s GOP leadership. Still licking their wounds over that one.

At the national level, NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers is now facing backlash from Republicans. Especially Trump supporters. Stivers is still withholding support and financial assistance to Grossman. Insiders says this will backfire on Stivers and other Republicans too timid to fight back against a fearful, yet fired-up Democratic party.

Stivers and other in the South Jersey GOP are willing to lose those critical seats because they have no backbone. Much like those who distance themselves from candidate Trump in 2016.

Those who don’t support Grossman are simply waving the white flag. Paving the way for a less qualified candidate to win that critical seat.

So far Keith Davis of the Atlantic County GOP has kept quiet on the issue.

Trump support in south jersey is strong. much stronger than most think.

If you allow Van Drew to win that seat, watch NJ veer deeper left. Sanctuary cities, higher taxes for high income earners, more business leaving NJ,

Michael Muller, the controversial chief strategist for Van Drew has been ;lambasted for his support of Van Drew. Muller has made no statement regarding Van Drew’s tacit endorsement of incendiary outbursts by party leader Maxine Waters, who encourage public attack on anyone associated with the GOP. These have been denounced by many in both parties. Van Drew has kept silent about the Maxi Waters push to incite provocation. Some of it that bordered on violence.

The Jeff Van Drew team is suffering from what Hillary Clinton dealt with in 2016: lots of money raised and plenty of media support…. but when it came to winning, Trump tapped grass roots support. Raise independent funds and used Twitter to communicate directly with voters.

Trump knew mainstream media was no longer relevant or trusted.

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  1. Seth Grossman is a MAGA Trump Supporter. Those that oppose him don’t want the swamp Drained. Seth beat the others, the people spoke in the Primaries.

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