Ventnor Mayor Defends Dune Project on WPG Talk Radio 1450

Ventnor Mayor Bagnell
Ventnor Mayor Bagnell

LISTEN > Ventnor Mayor Mike Bagnell wants bigger & better sand dunes to protect his town’s boardwalk. Bagnell shared his thoughts with Mel Taylor on WPG Talk Radio 1450 recently.

Next door in Margate, dunes are not wanted. NJ Governor Christie is not so happy with Margate. On the other side of Margate in Longport, they are desperate for the dune project as damage from Hurricane Sandy hit extra hard along that part of the South Jersey shore.

We’re not sure if Mayor ‘Bags’ was kidding, but he seemed pretty darn serious about suing Margate for damages if Ventnor was damaged due to Margate’s refusal to let sand dunes be built along their shore line.

Click to listen: Ventnor Mayor Bagnell Talks Dunes on WPG Talk Radio 1450 >


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