Ventnor Mayor Supports Controversial Atlantic City School Superintendent Pick

Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman was thrilled to hear that LaQuetta Small will be the next Atlantic City School District superintendent. So much so, Holtzman attended Tuesday night’s AC School board meeting to publicly endorse Small.

LaQuetta Small is the wife of Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small.

LaQuetta Small will become superintendent of AC School district on Jan. 1, 2022 with an annual salary of $210,000.

During public comment, Craig Callaway, discussed LaQuetta Small’s cousin, Kayan Frazier. “Majority of the AC School Board are immoral people,” Craig Callaway said. “Instead of protecting the children, La’Quetta Small was a child molester protector.”

LaQuetta Small is one of many being sued by the assaulted child’s mother, who claims the Smalls knew about Frazier and that some of the assaults even happened in their home.

Atlantic City School Student Sex Abuse LaQuetta Small

Small’s cousin, Kayan Frazier, is the convicted child pornographer who worked at Pennsylvania Ave School when Small was principal of that school. Frazier met his victim — a third-grader — while working with Small at the school. That’s according to

Craig Callaway Atlantic City School Ventnor Beth Holtzman
Craig Callaway shares ugly truth about LaQuetta Small.

Ventnor Mayor Holtzman Endorses Small for Atlantic City School Superintendent.

Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman LaQuetta Small School Atlantic City.
No-Mask Ventnor Mayor w/ LaQuetta Small.

Joe Jacobs. Conflict of interest?

  • Jacobs once served as AC School Board solicitor.
  • Jacobs is brother-in-law of current Superintendent Barry Caldwell.
  • Joe Jacobs was counsel for law firm of current solicitor, Tracy Riley.

Atlantic City Joe Jacobs School Board
Joe Jacobs accused of being conflicted.

ACBOE meeting room was filled with city employees, along with friends and family of the Smalls.

Ventnor’s Michael Cupeles played a major role on the search committee.

Ventnor is a sending district. 191 Ventnor students attend ACHS at an annual taxpayer cost of $4 million.

Atlantic City board of education LaQuetta Small Student Sex Abuse

Small never called the police.

Small should have stopped her cousin from getting another job with NJ State, Child Protective Services.

Ventnor’s Michael Advena, Michael Cupeles and Mayor Beth Holtzman all support LaQuetta Small.

Angry Ventnor Mom.

Less than 25% of Atlantic City students can pass a basic math or grammar test.

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