VIDEO >> Ask NJ Governor Christie, Nov. 21, 2016

Gov. Chris Christie was behind the microphone on his monthly ‘Ask the Governor’ Radio show on Monday night, Nov. 21. The Guv repeated his opposition to sanctuary cities and recreational marijuana. Get your big boy pants on: the New Jersey Governor will maximize his full term straight through Jan 2018.

During the NJ-101.5 Radio program with host Eric Scott, Christie noted local media’s obsession with crafting questionable narratives thinly disguised as news. The local mainstream media has been spending a majority of their time on him, President-Elect Trump and Lt Gov; Kim Guadagno; the likely NJ gubernatorial candidate.


In other #MediaFail news: Trump met quietly with mainstream media outlets on Monday. Supposedly ‘ripped them a new one’ for biased coverage during the presidential race. Trump started with Jeff Zucker. He said ‘I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed’…

Does top brass at The Press of Atlantic City deserve a similar tongue lashing? Probably.

Accusations of abusing of the public trust were floated on local radio and social media boards against The Press of AC leadership: Kim Worrell, Buzz Keogh and Scott Cronick. WOND Radio’s David Spatz was fingered for his lack of objective reporting. Special mentions of’s Amy Rosenberg; ‘she fritters away substantial talent on creative, yet ineffective partisan reporting.’