VIDEO: Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Smacks Camera From Man’s Hand

Why did Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small smack the phone out of the hands of a camera man?

Not very Mayoral. Tensions flared when Small was called a ‘child molester protector’. This was presumably a reference to Small’s relative, Kayan Frazier who’s now in jail for child pornography. Frazier worked for the AC school district with LaQuetta Small.

Small apologized for his embarrassing behavior on Sunday afternoon. Small uneasy about rising momentum for Democratic primary opponent, Tom Foley.

Voter suppression, intimidation and confusion. Atlantic City Democratic Committee not happy that Atlantic County Chairman, Michael Suleiman ignored voice of Atlantic City Democrat leaders.

Marty Small Voter Fraud Atlantic City

Mayor Small says he won’t file any charges, but Garland may file.

Video: Atlantic City Mayor Small seen with Council President George Tibbitt.

Small claims he fought back in self defense. Dionne Garland was filming Mayor Small with his smart phone. Mayor Small didn’t like it, and swatted the phone out of Garland’s hand. Garland then came after Small.

Small is no stranger to crime, voter fraud and violence.

In 1993, Small was charged with manufacturing and distributing cocaine and heroin in a school zone. Small said: ‘I was in high school. I drove someone’s car that I shouldn’t have been driving and the car had drugs in it.’

Marty Small was charged with arson in 2005. Small said he couldn’t recall an incident that led to the charge. ‘Arrested for arson? I’ve never set anything on fire’ said Small.

Marty Small was twice indicted for voter fraud.

Small and 11 others accused of tampering with absentee ballots in 2009 Democratic mayoral primary.

Marty Small Arrest and Indictment Record in Atlantic City area

  • 1993- Arrest for manufacture / distribute heroin & cocaine in school zone. Case93002746
  • 1993- Arrested distribution. Cocaine school zone 3rd degree chrg. Case 93002746
  • 1993- Arrested possession cocaine in school zone. 3rd degree. Case 93002746
  • 1998- Arrested Assault. Case number 99000618
  • 1998- Arrested disorderly person. Case number 99000618
  • 2005- Arrested Arson. (Sitting City Councilman) Case 05003729
  • 2005- Arrested Assault. Domestic violence as sitting Councilman
  • 2005- Indicted Perjury. Case number 8981798
  • 2006- Indicted Tampering public use of files, purpose to defraud. Case 05004887
  • 2006- lndicted unlawful election registration. Case 05004887
  • 2009- lndicted election fraud. Docket -09-09-00184-S
  • 2009- lndicted absentee ballot fraud. Docket- 09-09-00184-S
  • 2009- lndicted Falsifying public records. Docket-09-09-00184-S
  • 2009- lndicted Tampering with public records. Docket- 09-09- 00184-S
  • 2009- lndicted forgery. Docket number- 09-09-00184-S
  • 2009- Indicted Hindering Prosecution. Docket number- 09-09-00184-S

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  1. Calloways, and Garland are no strangers to crime either, Look up there records

  2. How do these people get elected crime criminals sex abuse isn’t that the reason why they want The governor of New York to leave his office. Can’t Alantic city get a mayor that doesn’t have a criminal record?

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    Vote these THUGS out of office!!!!!! The city is a disgrace, and shootings and knifings are rampant!!!! If you wait much longer you will have no vacationers that will come here!

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