VIDEO: Atlantic City School Board Meeting Dec 15, 2020.

Watch video from Dec 15, 2020 Atlantic City School Board Meeting.

Activist Steve Young is the only one demanding answers about the Atlantic City School District Child Sex Abuse scandal. What’s up with that?

Young wants an update on the investigation of Kayan Frazier, relative of ACHS principal LaQuetta Small, and AC Mayor Marty Small. This investigation has been going on for over a year, according to Young.

Frazier is alleged to have engaged in student sex abuse while working within the AC school district.

Young questions:

  • Was he hired without a thorough background check?
  • Is he related to any school staff or official?
  • How many children were affected?
  • Are parents being informed about this student sex abuse scandal?
  • Why Atty Reilly not providing answers yet?
  • What is time frame to get some answers?
marty small atlantic City School

Atlantic City School Superintendent Barry Caldwell preparing to step down.

Parents seemingly don’t want LaQuetta Small to get the job. Especially with her alleged connection to the child abuse scandal within the AC School District. Small’s student success record being called into question as well. See chart below.

An AC School Superintendent search is now underway. Who will lead the struggling school district?

Who is qualified to address low grades, chronic absenteeism and a dysfunctional leadership team.

Part of NJ State monitor team, consultant Gary McCartney, assisting in gathering of potential replacements.

600 people responded says McCartney. 300 were from the AC school district.

Shelly Williams (Principal Richmond Avenue School and Supervisors Assn) says she was unsure of process. Juanita & Laketia Hyman asking same question. Were people / administrators aware of job posting?

Did everybody have chance to fill out this survey?

Shelly Williams

McCartney: It was on the website. Was mentioned at board meetings. Noted in the board meeting minutes.

High Cost of Low Grades in Atlantic City School District.

$78,000 budget for paying teachers to meet and talk about chronic absenteeism. Are we reading this the right way? LaQuetta Small gets an extra $10K for this duty too?

Atlantic City High School Chronic Absenteeism

A so-called ‘Attendance Team’ was appointed to conduct work necessary to combat chronic absenteeism as outlined in SMART Goal 3.

The team features nine teachers and an administrator. All will be paid their contractual rates. Meetings will be conducted during after school hours.

  • Samantha Sickler
  • Theda Allen
  • Laurie Carter
  • Cheryl Mendez
  • Michele Farrell
  • Melissa Mayes
  • Tara Lake
  • Michael Miltenberger
  • Norma Morales

Administrator: Dr. La’Quetta Small (Wife of AC Mayor Marty Small) Alternate Administrators: Dr. Sheree Alexander, Constance Days-Chapman, Jason Grimes, and Kendall Williams

Team will meet on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for 2 hours each day from November 18, 2020 – June 21, 2021, not to exceed 162 hours (81 days x 2 hrs).

The team will consist of nine teachers and an administrator, who will be paid their contractual rates.

  • The not to exceed amount is $77,813.46
  • 162 hours x $45.87 x 9 teachers = $66,878.46
  • 162 hours x $67.50 x 1 administrator- $10,935.00

Atlantic City High School LaQuetta Small

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