VIDEO: Debunking Offshore Wind Turbines and Solar Energy for South Jersey Homeowners

Watch PLANET OF THE HUMANS. Film-maker Michael Moore debunks various Green Energy schemes. Wind and solar are two prime targets for Moore. This is a documentary that South Jersey residents are reluctantly paying attention to.

Is South Jersey ready for offshore wind turbines? Hundreds of them. 900 feet high, covering acres of ocean. Anywhere from 10 to 15 miles offshore. No guarantee that they’ll work. No guarantee they won’t hurt the environment either.

Planet of the Humans is a 2019 American environmental documentary film written, directed, and produced by Jeff Gibbs. It is backed and promoted by a very progressive, Michael Moore.

What does Moore think? Some Green Energy projects are not ready for prime time. Some are down-right fake. The film, Planet of the Humans explains why we can’t slow expanding resource depletion without less consumption.

Global warming: just another ploy to cash-in on environmental fear-mongering?

Wind Farms. Turbines. Visible from the beaches of Ocean City, Margate, AC, Brigantine and Long Beach Island.

Higher energy costs. Unknown harm to fishing and marine life.

The film argues that renewable energy sources, including biomass energy, wind power, and solar energy, are not as renewable as they are portrayed to be.

Attending the launch of a General Motors electric vehicle, an interviewer discovers that the car, being recharged to demonstrate how electric cars are recharged, is being powered from a grid which uses 95% coal.

The film claims the carbon footprint of renewable energy is comparable to fossil fuels when taking into account all different stages of their production.

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