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Atlantic City Primetime
Can Tennessee Ave developers help re-invent Atlantic City? Will CRDA protect small, non-casino businesses from drug & crime activity in the tourism district? OCT 19, 2017.

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1 week ago

Lower Chelsea Atlantic City

Atlantic City Primetime
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WATCH VIDEO> GOP candidates Chris Brown, Brenda Taube and Vince Sera were last minute no-shows at the Civic Associations of Atlantic City Debate at Dante Hall on Tues night.
Scheduled & confirmed in early Sept, Brown, Sera & Taube bailed. Not due to scheduling, but due to NOT wanting a no-holds barred Bell / Brown debate.

The Press of AC did not cover this major event. Local news radio (WOND) also ignored the event. Both media properties are facing fire for that media black-out.

A Bell / Brown debate...could have been a barn burner....if the GOP candidates would have shown up.

Sadly, having Bell & Brown go at it...on the Radio....moderated by a biased host....is not something to look forward to. #Lame.
Senator Colin Bell, Assembly candidates Vince Mazzeo, John Armato & Heather Gordon chose to stay and participate in a hastily modified forum.

The Republican Assembly candidates have already pulled out of a debate on the declining WOND Radio on Friday.
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