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Atlantic City Primetime
Public Hearing from Feb 13, about putting Atlantic City deeper into debt. Watch to see the real truth. Compare this video to how the Press of Atlantic City covered this public hearing. The Press of AC ignored & covered up the real facts about this meeting. No wonder their circulation is plummeting. No wonder the listenership of hack FRAUDCASTERS from the Press of AC is also on the fast decline.

FACTS: DCA chief Tim Cunningham from the state, has the legal authority to do almost anything in AC, including borrowing (bonding) for $55 million. BUT...... Mr Cunningham wants the City Council of AC to vote & approve that $55 million bond. Why? Maybe because the State & the DCA knows this $55mil deal would make the State look bad. So, Mr Cunningham and Council Pres Marty Small are using scare tactics, to force council to vote YES next week, and OK this financially faulty move.

Hey Council: why sign your own death sentence? Let Mr Cunningham & Lt Gov Oliver pull the trigger.

Fair warning: any councilperson who votes YES for this additional debt, will NOT be re-elected. Take that to the bank.
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2 weeks ago

Lower Chelsea Atlantic City

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