Who Will Dethrone Marty Small as Mayor of Atlantic City?

Small at Work.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small will soon see just how many people want to remove him from office. No need to impeach or recall. Just beat him in the primary.

Not many are fans of the man they call ‘Party Marty’.

AC Mayoral Candidate Tom Foley

The Atlantic City Democratic Committee doesn’t support Marty Small. Neither does Craig Callaway’s ballot-harvesting machine.

Indeed, Small has a growing mayoral election challenge. Many want his job, including Tom Forkin, Tom Foley, Lorenzo Langford and others to be announced.

Marty Small Claims Atlantic City is Racist.

Team Small accused of being puppets of NJ Gov Phil Murphy and some members of CRDA.

‘Golden handcuffs’ for both himself and wife, Atlantic City High School principal, LaQuetta Small.

marty small


  1. This website is all the prove I need that racism is alive and well in my city, as if the brutal segregation and lack of investment in our children wasn’t enough. Small is right. That you all think it’s somehow racist for him to call out your racism is hilariously thin-skinned. I’m not shilling for Mary, but support from the County Democrats is nothing to be proud of. That’s how we got our last mayor, you may recall.

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