Why Are Businesses Struggling and Leaving Atlantic City?

Why are businesses like Apple and KFC leaving Atlantic City? That’s what developer/investor Sean Reardon wants to know.

On Oc t 25, 2018, Reardon addressed Atlantic City Council about this issue. Why couldn’t the city keep Apple and 32 other national retailers at the Pier Shops in Caesars, currently known as the Playground, owned by vulture investor, Bart Blatstein.

Even with a new university in town, along with a steady flow of conventioneers, why would APPLE decide to leave AC?

Atlantic City is the only town in America, that APPLE has left. 32 other national retailers also left AC / Playground Pier over the past few years.

Councilman Mo Delgado says ‘we have to look inside us within Atlantic City and solve the problems.’ All talk, no action?

Elephant in the room: CRDA and State of NJ place most of their focus on casino gaming. That’s where the easy cash is. 99% of efforts are to keep visitors INSIDE the casinos, NOT on the streets and non-casino businesses of Atlantic City.

STOCKTON: local business in the vicinity of newly built University, not happy that Stockton is competing against them. See: concessionaire license serving liquor, brew pub, retail, food court open to the public. SEE: Stockton Wants to Serve Liquor.