Why Can’t State & CRDA Control Atlantic City Mayor & Beach Bars?

Can NJ Lt. Gov Shelia Oliver Control Mayor Frank?

Our Atlantic City Mayor just can’t control himself. Acting mayoral and staying professional is just not in Frank Gilliam’s DNA. Frank’s always gotta be trying to pull a fast one.

Last week, Mayor Frank told the Atlantic City Fire Chief to do him a solid. Use fire equipment & city resources to fill an illegal swimming pool on the beach. The Chelsea Bar, located within the Atlantic City Tourism District. A beach bar that’s ultimately controlled by Zoning Czar, Lance Landgraf and the CRDA.

Chelsea Nuisance Beach Bar

FD Chief Scott Evans was asked to tap a boardwalk fire hydrant, and fill the pool of his buddy Dominic Gaggiano.

Dominic owns 2 business along boardwalk. One of them being the infamous Chelsea Beach Bar.

Chelsea beach bar CRDA lance Landgraf
Chelsea Beach Bar with Illegal Pool

The once, family friendly, Chelsea beach has been transformed into a party beach. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. But Chelsea Beach Bar is not the kind of neighbor you wanna have.

The boardwalk hydrant did not have a meter. A city board of health inspection was never made. Mercantile was not notified. Neither was Bruce Ward at the ACUA.

From what we’ve learned, AC Fire Chief, Scott Evans did not push back against the embattled Mayor. Evan just followed thru on the order. AC Public Safety personnel used city assets to hook up hoses to a fire hydrant on the Boardwalk. The hose was then elongated to snake over the dune, and into the non-compliant swimming pool at The Chelsea Beach Bar.

Chelsea Beach Bar. Bad Neighbors?

Ocean Club Condos on AC boardwalk, collectively pays over $15 Million in taxes. City Council and CRDA are not impressed. The Chelsea Beach Bar is directly in front of their homes.

Residents forced to call police, and the semi-powerless mercantile chief, Dale Finch. Hundreds of calls over the past two years. 

Residents see Chelsea Beach Bar as bad neighbors. A nuisance bar. Will their lease be pulled? Not likely. At least not right now. The City, CRDA, and NJ State are taking a hands-off approach.

Who needs to crack down? CRDA. It’s their baby.

Chelsea Beach

Remember: this area was ID’d as a neighborhood in desperate need of redevelopment. CRDA spot zone.

The State and CRDA can’t control Atlantic City Mayor, Frank Gilliam and the Chelsea Beach Bar.

Frank & Friends.

Geez. Stealing water from the Atlantic City taxpayers, to fill the pool of a private business.

The club owner is no first-time offender. Multiple violations. We lost count on how many. A sweetheart deal with an option for three, 5 year renewals, totaling 20 years. 

This stupidity reminds up when when Chelsea Beach Bar expanded without CRDA approval. Zoning Czar, Lance Landgraf, frustrated and punked by the Mayor. Again. See video below.

CRDA Aware of Nuisance Bar in 2018

Neighbors asking why wasn’t this beach bar opportunity PUT OUT TO BID? This lease was quickly executed without public notice, no formal bidding process.

Then, the lease got worse. Quietly changed. Pushed thru months later without notice. Music is now allowed 24/7.

Steve Cupani on social media says: Sounds like possible official misconduct as defined in New Jersey Statute 2C:30-2. This very broad law covers the simple improper action of a public official, ordering public servants to fill a private pool using taxpayer funded resources, and doing so with resources that do not belong to the individuals not only performing the deed but benefiting from the deed is pretty much criminal activity!

Read more at Press of Atlantic City

Noise is often over 65 dB.
In total, Ocean Club pays in excess of $15 million in taxes to Atlantic City.