Why Miss America Needs to Escape Atlantic City in Order to Survive

miss america atlantic city
Social Justice Warrior: Gretchen Carlson

For Miss America to make a real comeback, it must escape the dysfunction that is Atlantic City. Never thought we’d be saying that. But after closely following, and attending the past 4 years of MISS A in Atlantic City, we see nothing that boosts our confidence in this once majestic event thriving in this South Jersey shore town.

Most place the blame on the failed MAO leadership. In close second, CRDA wins no awards for their negotiation, marketing, promotion and event expertise. See: CRDA fail with Miss America and Dick Clark Productions.

CRDA: unqualified to make decisions about beach concerts, special events, and Miss America.

Did you know? There are only 2 Atlantic City residents on the 17 member CRDA board. One is knee deep in FBI investigations, poor banking habits, and late night fight videos. The other is a local socialite best known for a Miss America spoof.

In trying to attract a new home for Miss America, the leadership boasts: “this event can bring exposure and economic activity to your city!” Yeah right.

Miss America in Atlantic City. NOV 2016 ACprimetime Radio Archives:

Want Miss America in your town? The MAO organization is asking alot. They want Atlantic City, or any other town, to cover production costs, estimated to be upwards of $5 million.

The RFP (request for proposal) says: MAO needs a venue that can hold at least 3,000. Boardwalk Hall in AC has about 12,000 seats. For the past three years, the joint was more than half empty. Embarrassing.

The CRDA is now saying NO to the $4 mil subsidy per year for Miss America inside Boardwalk Hall. Instead, the CRDA prefers another pipe dream: bringing a supermarket to town. The esteemed members of CRDA need a refresher. Supermarkets and fast food eateries have come and gone from AC over the years. The reason? Crime, shoplifting and the growing homeless population that congregates near these businesses.

Citizen Feedback: the LAST thing CRDA wants to do is clean up Atlantic City. Make it safer. Make it brighter and more inviting.

The contract between Miss America and Dick Clark Productions was always one-sided. Atlantic City always got screwed. Many contract benefits were never fulfilled.

Items of note:

  • Former Miss America Cara Mund was bullied by MAO leadership.
  • Celebrity judges were fed politically polarizing questions to ask contestants. Keep politics OUT of this event.
  • Carlson made HUGE errors. She ditched swimsuit portion of competition. She also removed elegant evening gown portion of program. Bad moves from this Social Justice Warrior.
  • Miss America has not yet signed a deal for television rights to the 2020 competition.

Atlantic City spent lot’s of cash, but received little ROI.

Miss America & ABC promised to promote the city in national news, in-show promotions and mentions. Very little of this was delivered.

An Atlantic City tradition. Miss America was once a part of AC’s fabric. But that was a long time ago.

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