Wildwood Welcomes President Trump & Jeff Van Drew

President Trump kept his promise to Congressman Jeff Van Drew and visited South Jersey on Tuesday night, January 29.

The Wildwood Convention Center was jam packed with 7,500 supporters. Tens of thousands who couldn’t get in, watched all the action on big screen TV’s in the parking lot outside.

Jeff Van Drew Supports President Trump in Wildwood
Van Drew Addresses Wildwood Convention Center.

Kelly Ann Conway: South Jersey is Trump country.

Topics discussed on stage: 2nd Amendment rights, danger of late term abortions, strong and fair immigration policy.

The problem with New Jersey being a Sanctuary State. Dangerous predators being set free. Trump: NJ Democrats are shielding criminals. Democrats stand for crime, corruption and chaos.

President Trump: Most Democrats support late-term abortion. Ripping babies straight from the mother’s womb.

NOTE: Democrat candidate Brigid Harrison supports late-term abortion. Harrison, a far-left college professor, also opposes protection for survivors of a botched abortion.

The President was not shy about sharing his accomplishments:

  • Appointment of 191 federal judges
  • Two new Supreme Court appointments
  • Record gains in the stock market
  • Lowest unemployment rate in years
  • $160 million upgrade for McGuire Air Force Base & Fort Dix.

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  1. Most amazing day yesterday I was there ! Everyone was so nice and polite the protesters were a few scattered in tried to fuck with us we didht waist are time. 100,000 people

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