Will Live Nation Play Nice With Other Atlantic City Concert Promoters? VIDEO

Salvento of Songbird Entertainment
Salvento of Songbird Entertainment

VIDEO > Michael Selvanto wants to be a concert promoter in Atlantic City. Will the 800lb gorilla; LIVE NATION, be OK with competition from Selvanto?

Live Nation: ‘Give me your money and have a nice day.’

The CEO of Songbird Entertainment, is hoping to bring bands to Bader Field. Selvanto addressed Atlantic City Council on WED night, looking to gain acceptance and get a show date for his plans.

The silver-haired entrepreneur, also busy overhauling the old DEJA VU club, on New York Ave, took time to air his feelings about the way LIVE NATION operates.

People here are not gonna like what I’m gonna say. We’re getting smacked in the face by Live Nation everywhere we turn.

A lot of promoters won’t come to this town. People call me, telling me, ‘Live Nation is bashing me’. They called one of my artists. Look what they did to this town on New Years Eve. Live Nation couldn’t get a band for New Year’s Eve? That’s ridiculous.

Watch Selvanto talk to Atlantic City Council on Wed. March 22.

Will Live Nation Play Nice With Other Atlantic City Concert Promoters?

Every concert we do, we give back to The Boys Club or Veterans, etc. Would Live Nation ever do that? No.

Note: Selvanto wants to bring popular Christian concerts to Atlantic City. He’s also purchased the property that once housed the old DEJA VU nightclub, just off the Boardwalk on New York Ave. (See Pics Below)


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