Will Marty Small Support a Strong, Black Woman on Council?

LaToya Dunston is a new Council member in Atlantic City. Will she get the respect she deserves from Mayor Marty Small?

During the Dec. 6 meeting, Dunstan emotionally shared that her transition hasn’t been easy. In office for almost a full month with no work phone, official email address, or City Hall office access. Why the hold-up?

Did Atlantic City Mayor Small Harass New Council Woman?

Dunstan was also forced to take a drug test and fill out application forms. Had to be fingerprinted too. ‘I know it’s personal. No one else went thru that process’, says Dunstan.

According to Press of Atlantic City: City policy does not require elected officials to be drug tested, fingerprinted or complete an application.

Video: LaToya Dunstan, Atlantic City Council

As a woman, LaToya felt mistreated. Bullied. Tormented. Not being supported.

Dunston coming in with fresh eyes. Challenging the status quo. Pretty scary stuff for Team Small.

A strong black woman inside Marty Small’s City Hall. Can Mayor Marty handle that? Why make it so tough for the new councilwoman?

The 36 yr old Dunstan started the Xclusive Drill Team more than a decade ago.

Dunstan: I’m gonna stand up. I gonna fight. I want the public to know. I’m not gonna allow anyone to say [to me] ‘vote this way’.

Bundling and jamming thru all these contracts & resolutions. Dunstan has a problem with that. Why group everything together?

Harassment? Discrimination? Disrespect of a woman of color on Atlantic City Council? Welcome to Marty Small’s City Hall.

VIDEO > Dunstan Talks Bribery with Atlantic City Council Weasel, Speedy Marsh.

Click to watch.

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  1. This is one sick and dysfunctional group. Treating the Councilwoman worse than cavemen would. Rushing payment of city bills before anyone on Council can review them with one exception? Murphy should remove all but the new councilwoman and appoint honest people to replace these jerks.

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