Will Stockton University Save Atlantic City?

Stockton University. AC Campus.
Stockton University. AC Campus. April 7, 2019.

Will Stockton boost the economy of non-casino areas of Atlantic City? Or will this University campus only be a city within a city? Jury still out on that question.

With a new Carluccio’s Pizza now open on campus, will other local pizza places take a hit? Local business NOT happy that Stockton encouraging students to stay put on campus. Don’t venture out.

Was hoping to see the adjacent retail storefronts more fully occupied by now. Just across the street from Stockton on Atlantic Ave. features more than a handful of empty storefronts.

Stockton AC has it’s own police force and very well-lit streets.

Sure, it puts more building folks to work, but it also pours millions of taxpayers funds into projects will have little to no benefit on non-tourism and non-Stockton neighborhoods of AC.

While we’re fairly confident Stockton AC will gain more traction over time, we’re NOT major fans of Stockton expanding even further in AC. At least until they can show more definitive ROI with their current portfolio of AC assets..

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  1. No stockton will not save Atlantic City, you need new industry that pays taxes, stockton did not help galloway township, you need industry to pay taxes

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