WOND 1400 Radio Host Belittles Colleague about Press Credibility

Tom Lamaine WOND radio Atlantic City
Lamaine at Boardwalk Committee Meeting

LISTEN: Tom Lamaine & Don Williams Battle on 1400 am WOND Radio, Atlantic City. 4.7.2016

Local broadcast news legend; Tom Lamaine, was dissed & passed over for a question by Governor Christie on Wednesday. During the Guv’s press conference in AC, Christie asked Lamaine if he was a part of ‘the press’. Lamaine oddly said no…but……Lamaine does have valid press credentials that provided access to the press conference.

Lamaine is an on-air talent on 1400am WOND News / Talk radio, a station owned & operated by Longport Media.

Seeing Tom Lamaine (and others) being cut short by the GUV is not surprising. Christie is typically tough on questioners from the audience. But, we found it freakishly stupid that 1400am WOND morning man; Don Williams, also took a cheap shot at Lamaine. Williams grilled Lamaine about his credentials, and couldn’t understand why he was admitted to the ‘presser’.

Note: Williams and Lamaine work for the same station that positions itself as the NEWS LEADER in South Jersey. WOND 1400 am.

It should also be noted that WOND’s Lamaine, actually attended this important press conference. The WOND ‘news director’…David Spatz…did not.

News flash…. Lamaine IS a news guy, media guy, weather guy, music guy, press guy. He shares news & info with the world……

Lamaine is one of the BEST. It’s unfortunate that many still hold onto old, out of date definitions of what a PRESS PERSON is. The Internet changes all of that.

Ever see anyone holding a newspaper lately? Nope. Listening to AM radio is no longer common either. AM signals stink in the AC area. Seems like WOND and other local AM’s barely reach a radius of 5 miles.

Most of us now get our NEWS, INFO & ENTERTAINMENT online….via smartphone.

Longport Media President; DAVE COSKEY, should rip DON WILLIAMS a new one. He totally disrespected colleague Lamaine ….LIVE on the air today.

Maybe it’s time to clean house a bit at WOND? Maybe stop reading out of the local newspaper too? Maybe News/Talk WOND Radio should have it’s own news department? That Radio news award they boast about….maybe they should hand it off to The Press of Atlantic City?

With Newspaper fighting Radio for a dwindling share of the audience & advertising pie, we still can’t understand why WOND Radio relies on The Press of Atlantic City for much of it’s news, weather…and on-air talent. Duh.

Welcome to the Inter-Webs.

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