WPG Radio’s Hurley Defends In-Excusable Actions of Murphy, Small & Tibbitt during AC Riots.

Maybe WPG Morning Radio host Harry Hurley needs to walk the streets of Atlantic City someday soon. Destruction and despair everywhere. Most of it could have been prevented if local leaders stepped up and took charge during the Sunday riots.

Harry Hurley Covid 19

Listen to this on-air melt down by Hurley. Wow. Talk about thin skin. Emotional wreck when someone asks why he supports the AC Mayor and other feckless political leaders in NJ.

Listen: Hurley Melt-Down. 6.5.20

Questions remain about why mayhem was allowed to get out of control in Atlantic City this past Sunday.

Listener Comment: Getting fed up. Why is Harry supporting and congratulating Gov Murphy, Mayor Marty Small & Councilman George Tibbitt?

Far-right leaning Hurley facing heat from his own conservative listeners. Why is Harry protecting those who dropped the ball?

Hurley getting flack for talking out of both sides of his mouth. Always protecting his less than honorable friends in high places.

Listener Comment: The intellectually dishonest broadcaster always supports the radical Gov Murphy, who’s slowly killing NJ. Harry is a major brown-noser.

Listener Comment: Harry blows smoke up skirts of AC thugs like Mayor Marty Small, Craig Callaway and Council President George Tibbitt.

All three on shit-list of most New Jersey & Atlantic City residents. They did a horrible job during the AC riots.

Who paused the Covid ban on large gatherings? Who signed the permit allowing radical activist Steve Young to stoke the anger that day?

Hurley says Mayor Small & Gov Murphy did excellent work in dealing with the horrific riots that took place in AC on Sunday. Humble Harry must be talking about a different Atlantic City.


  1. Was that the infamous Ann H Phillips of Brigantine who tried to go toe to toe with the biggest fence sitter in radio today?

  2. Drove through AC today….. I have never seen the city looking so deplorable or with such a feel of despair… made me think is this what it was like in the 60’s and 70’s here?
    Not the AC I can remember from 1980 to up to now….

    1. I agree with you. Drive between Artic ave to Pacific. Between Calif. and Georgia and look and the wino;s sitting on the sidewalk with there brown paper bags, The drug dealers hanging in the alleys along Fl. ave. the homeless who set up house on the porch of 2603 Pac. ave. and the trash all over the sidewalks. And this is the Tourism District.. Joke, Joke, Joke.

      1. I’ve worked in that area and have witnessed daytime open air transactions of the nature of none other than drug deals while on roof tops repairing equipmentsad sad sad seeing some ones daughter getting their fix before going on “shift” cuase working for the casinos sucks so bad these days

  3. So first the penthouse casino is blocked then the playboy atlantis regency worlds fair tower comes down then the sands then the nugget Hilton ac club then the dump plaza and all this equals an Atlantic City with holes in its skyline to rival old pualined prairie…… folks Atlantic City is going backwards in time only a fool can not see this

    1. Thanks mike it doesn’t take too much to realize the train is coming off the tracks when the ride gets this bumpy

  4. Hey what about blastien and the water park if anyone believes in that you are all wet after six years of smoke and mirrors and capital B capital S coming from blastien crew you’ve got to be an idiot not to realize this is just more of the same old nonsense

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