Another Dead Dolphin on Atlantic City Beach

An ugly start to a frigid Sunday morning on the border of Ventnor and Atlantic City.

Another dead marine mammal has washed up on the beach. This time, a lifeless dolphin. The second dead dolphin in the past 3 weeks.

Marine mammal deaths growing far too common along the Jersey shore.

Foreign wind companies continue plans for building massive windfarms a few miles off our Downbeach coastline.

What we found most disturbing on the beach? We were told to ‘stop taking pictures’. Watch video.

Then we watch as ACFD EMS covered the front of the dead dolphin with a towel. Why would they do that?

Just then, the MMSC drove up in their white truck.

Marine Mammal Stranding Center to the rescue.

MMSC didn’t seem too happy when multiple journalists / bloggers and local residents took pics and video of this potential marine mammal crime scene.

Arrival of Marine Mammal Stranding Center.

Another boat strike?

Press of Atlantic City not likely to cover this wind scam / marine mammal story.

Marine Mammal Stranding Center Wind Turbine Fraud
3-11-24. Click to See Video.

All three Downbeach mayors still remain quiet. There’s free wind money on the line.

Still waiting for comments / remarks from AC Mayor Marty Small and Ventnor Mayor, Lance Landgraf.

JAN 2023. Atlantic City.

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