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Seth Grossman Podcast. Stockton Indoctrination and Taxpayer Waste.

Is Stockton, along with other universities, doing more harm than good? Worth the money for our communities and students? Stockton lacks real diversity, the diversity of thought, political preference, opinion. Creating a generation of haters. LISTEN >

County Exec Denny Levenson: WOND Radio 4.2.19

Sparks fly as callers into the Anne Baker show, let loose on the Atlantic County Executive. Is the new Stockton Atlantic City Campus really helping to transform AC? South Jersey Republicans need a wake-up call. Trump & Seth Grossman.

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  • More proof that Democrats started this hate long before Trump. June 10, 2019
      This 2015 cartoon is but one of many that were routinely published in “mainstream” daily newspapers like our own after Barack Obama became President in 2009.  These distorted, sinister images are called “Stuermer” (Stormtrooper) caricatures.   They take their name from that Nazi newspaper which used them so effectively in the 1920s & […]

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