Mayor Small’s ‘Trash to Cash’ Scam in Atlantic City

Odor. Rats. Lower Home Values.

Residents of Venice Park in Atlantic City are against a proposed ‘trash to steam’ plant in their neighborhood.

Residents calling this ‘Trash to Cash’ for Mayor Marty small.

The 1st ward Councilman, Sporty Randolph, keeping quiet.

Venice Park Civic Association already voted it down many years ago.

Mayor Small wants over 150 trash trucks to rumble through Venice Park every day.

Odor. Noise. Lower property values.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and Councilman Kaleem Shabazz are pushing for this. So is Reverend Collin Days.

Far-right radio host, Harry Hurley, calls this ‘Black on Black’ crime.

Want to voice your opinion? Public comment: Atlantic City Council Meeting on Wed, Feb 15 at 5p. City Hall.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small’s ‘Trash to Cash’ Scam.

A waste management facility in Venice Park.

This trash plant would destroy a wonderful neighborhood.

6 thoughts on “Mayor Small’s ‘Trash to Cash’ Scam in Atlantic City”

  1. Trash is energy is a good thing maybe not a plant in VP put it over by the windmills the whole country should burn trash like Sweden or Norway ,stop relying on oil so much .

    1. Happy Black History Month, for the have and have not, some of the homeowners homes are invested with rodents. Them New Negroes, AC got other issues desperately seeking solutions. Trash to Cash, Why not go buy the Brooklyn Bridge? There’s a Sucker Born everyday, Great way to show love for the people, keep them ignorant, and on drugs. Let me stop, who really cares? Unbelievable

  2. Abdul-jabbar Abdullah

    Venice Park is an African American neighborhood rich in history! Never should such a thing even be in the agenda. Put it in the shop-rite space since it’s not going to be used. REVEREND DAYS???? why is he touting it so loudly? It’s like they following his lead! SOMETHING STINKS IN AC!!!!

    1. Welcome to Funky Town, where Clowns, Sheep and Creeps determine your quality of Life, Hell of a slogan for the World’s Playground, Yes, I replied Freedom of Speech, Does Not Apply in Atlantic County. Money and Power will make people do anything, FIRE.equals Smoke, Health issues, Food Deserts. We in the South, Trash to Cash?? Things been weird since they arrived 🤫😵😵

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