NYC Could Bus 60,000 Migrants To Atlantic City

Small and Adams

Atlantic City Airport could be home to 60,000 migrants that New York City will soon evict.

According to the Biden administration, Atlantic City International Airport is a federally owned property that could be used for migrants in need of housing, food, clothing and healthcare.

House migrants at Atlantic City airport.

NYC Mayor Adams, NJ Gov Murphy and AC Mayor Small apparently no longer in support of illegal border crossings and sanctuary city and state status.

County Exec Levinson

Atlantic City has been the perennial dumping ground. People continuously dump their less fortunate on Atlantic City.AC MAYOR SMALL

Where do we find the money? asked Andrew Parker of the Atlantic County Board of Commissioners.

ACY is one of several areas the Biden administration wants to house the men.

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  1. Are you Fcking Kidding me How about taking care of and helping out the people in Atlantic City and surrounding area that are homeless and on the streets with no place to go, no housing, no government help and when we try getting help we are sent from 1 place to another with excuses after excuses and yet you want to bring in 60,000 Migrants Mr Marty Smalls and Gov Murphy Need to get there shit together and take care of the locals that need help before bringing in more people from out of the state and county and giving them free help you people are a fcking joke

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