Ocean Club Condo Still Battling Atlantic City Nuisance Bar On Beach

Twice a month, Atlantic City department heads meet with the public via the ‘CitiStat’ program.

CitiStat was developed to hold Atlantic City department heads more accountable, combat rising crime, and to better manage municipal services.

On Aug 23, the Chelsea Beach Bar was a major ‘quality of life’ topic. The Chelsea Beach Bar is considered a nuisance bar by residents of Ocean Club Condos, one of Atlantic City’s top taxpayers.

Also discussed: Owner of the Chelsea Pub (Chelsea Inn) shared ugly details of growing crime and chaos in this Chelsea neighborhood. (see video above)

ACPD Chief Sarkos

Bi-weekly meetings take place at Stockton University’s Atlantic City Campus.

Public comment: OPEN CONTAINER law not beneficial to local community. It’s only making matters worse.

How’s the City of Atlantic City handling quality of life issues?

Reports, updates, questions and comments.

Chelsea Beach Bar Louder and Larger on Atlantic City Boardwalk

CitiStat program is held twice a month at Stockton University’s Atlantic City Campus.

Why Can’t State & CRDA Control Atlantic City Mayor & Beach Bars?

Crime. Drugs. Homelessness. Roads. Cannabis. Open containers.

Late night crime getting much worse in certain neighborhoods.

AC Police force has 257 officers. It should be 330, said PBA President, Jules Schwenger.