Chelsea Beach Bar Louder and Larger on Atlantic City Boardwalk

Expansion Plans for Chelsea Beach

Major expansion coming to Chelsea Beach along the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Chelsea Beach bar wants to become much larger and louder.

‘Substantial expansion’ of Chelsea Beach Bar. How about a water slide, mini-golf, pizza station, more. Sounds like fun. Too bad it’s right next to a large, residential community called the Ocean Club.

A few years ago, Atlantic City Council signed away their rights to govern this part of town. Council allowed for the neighborhood to be deemed….. ‘an area in desperate need of redevelopment’.

Technically legal according to those who control the AC Tourism District. That particular Master Plan was written by CRDA’s Lance Landgraf. Selective enforcement might be part of the problem here.

Ocean Club residents concerned about this dramatic change to their neighborhood. This is a significant material change to the existing beach lease.

Allegations of underage drinking at Chelsea Beach Bar in Atlantic City.

A growing demand for more oversight and involvement from Tom Forkin, Chairman of the Atlantic City Alcohol Beverage Control Board.

Gaggiano & Mayor Guardian

By law, the condo association will be notified 10 days prior to any land use hearing before the CRDA LURED Board.

LURED: CRDA Land Use Regulation and Enforcement Division in Atlantic City.

Rob Long of DCA has been made aware of the situation. So has socialite Gary Hill of CRDA. Both not likely to step in though.

Mayor Gilliam & Chelsea Beach Bar Crew

Boardwalk Nuisance Bar at Chelsea Beach

Mayor Marty Small not looking forward to meeting with residents of Ocean Club.

Ocean Club. 754 units and over 1500 residents.

NJDEP sent notice of application. That differs from CRDA related approvals. As of Feb 25, CRDA claims to have NOT received formal application for site plan approval.

So, let me get this straight. The Chelsea Beach Bar has the ability to ‘sell’ it’s business on this public beach? We thought owner (Dominic Gaggiano) was renting / leasing this part of the Atlantic City beach in front of Ocean Club.

Here’s creepy sales pitch from club manager / son-in-law, Steven Tabeek:

Successful beach bar located directly on the sand near top Atlantic City Casino. Ground (under market) lease to include over 3 blocks of beach with an 18 year term and development opportunities. Sale includes an additional bar & grill restaurant (including real estate) only 1/2 block away.

Is price being pumped up, due to plans that will dramatically enlarge the beach bar? DEP reviewing plans now.

CRDA Zoning Czar Landgraf is next in line to review. Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small playing dumb. (not hard to do for my fav home-boy).

Recommendation: residents gotta pack those CRDA meetings. That’s where the big money is. Better yet, move CRDA meetings to AC City Hall Chambers at 6pm…. so more residents can attend. Ya hear me?

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