Callaway Supports Bloomberg, Dislikes Bernie, Believes Trump Gets Re-Elected.

Got the cash? Callaway will get you elected.

Craig Callaway believes President Donald Trump is going to get reelected because ‘Democrats don’t have their act together. They’re leaning toward Bernie Sanders, which is a lot of fluff.’ That’s according to a recent story and revealing video from

Callaway was asked: If he had his druthers, who would he like to see prevail at a brokered convention? ‘I would like to see Bloomberg,’ Callaway said. ‘He’s the strongest because he has a lot of money.’


InsiderNJ: Callaway is the vote-by-mail architect with a less than pristine past who nonetheless has gritted out a path back to local prominence as a player behind the throne of the local Democratic Party.

Got the money? Callaway could get a cheese sandwich elected in Atlantic City.

Callaway openly admits his track record with electing good AC mayors…stinks. Callaway on Gilliam: “I regret that I didn’t do more homework on Frank Gilliam.”

In this InsiderNJ story, Callaway openly supports Michael Bloomberg for President. Why? Cuz he has cash. Lot’s of it.

Callaway sees no need to address the long list of nasty stuff Bloomberg has perpetrated against the Black community.

As long as Bloomberg can pay the bills…..Callaway is on board….. ready to convince thousands of who to vote for.

Read entire story by Max Pizarro of InsiderNJ :

CALLAWAY FUN FACTS. Craig Callaway, a former Atlantic City Council president. Served 3 ½ years behind bars. Bribery and blackmail.

Callaway’s GET OUT THE VOTE efforts. A ride to the polls and $30 bucks gets almost anyone elected. NO matter how poor a candidate. Yup, looks like Callaway can be legally bought. By extension, so can Atlantic City voters, it seems. Craig Callaway. Mercenary extraordinaire. Running a sweet, legal scam on Atlantic City taxpayers.

From FBI and an Ordinary Guy in 2007: Atlantic City Council President Craig Callaway, Ronald Callaway a. k. a. Jihad Abdullah and David Callaway were charged in a political blackmail scheme. They were accused of orchestrating a blackmail scenario and then conducting secret electronic surveillance and filming of Eugene Robinson, an Atlantic City councilman and local minister, as Robinson supposedly engaged and paid a prostitute for a sex act. Ron Calloway was sentenced to prison for voter fraud in 2002.