Atlantic City Green Zone Grows Larger

So far, CRDA’s Planning and Development Director Lance Landgraf has recommended approval of 25 cannabis operations in Atlantic City.

Currently, there are 3 cannabis stores with another opening soon open inside the Claridge Hotel

Atlantic City has extended their ‘Green Zone’, neighborhoods where cannabis operations are an ‘approved use’.

The AC Green Zone’ now includes Albany Ave, from the bridge to Atlantic City High School, as well as most of Atlantic and Pacific Aves.

This extension benefits a planned retail cannabis shop at 470 N. Albany Ave..

Now come rumblings that another cannabis store could open in Lower Chelsea, a short walk from Ventnor where CRDA’s Lance Landgraf is Mayor.

Councilman Jesse Kurtz of the 6th Ward which includes Lower Chelsea is opposed to expansion of the Green Zone. Residents don’t want to see that business in their neighborhood.

Some cannabis investors feel like they got burned by Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small.

Some purchased buildings based on lofty projections and promised ‘social justice’ in ownership.

Surprisingly, Landgraf and CRDA just said NO to a cannabis business across from AtlantiCare Hospital.

Enforcement Difficulty. Illegal cannabis sales will hurt legal, recreational cannabis.

Public Safety. How will ACPD combat illegal pot shops?

How will ACPD handle DUI, driving under the influence of cannabis?

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  1. Landgraf is a clown. Both Landgraf, Holtzman and Smalls can’t even take care of their own kids, let alone try to make decisions for the rest

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