Atlantic City School Board Cover-up of Student Sex Assaults?

The NJ state monitor, Carole Morris is warning about potential “ethics violations”. That’s funny.

Morris saw no ethics violation of having a conflicted board member help pick LaQuetta Small.

WPG Radio : No sense of urgency to investigate Atlantic City students being sexually assaulted.

Student Sex-Assualt Cover-up?

The infamous Carol Morris letter.

OPRA request this…

Nobody trusts Morris. She says there will be an investigation into how this letter was released.

A ding-a-ling solicitor. A thin-skinned BOE president. And in the back corner, Queen LaQuetta, a person that should be kept away from kids.

LaQuetta failed to protect your kids. The problem still exists. She ignores it. Morris protects the corruption.

Atlantic City School District Ripe for Another Student Sex Abuse Investigation.

Senator Vince Polistina recommended a take over of the school district.

Small administration refuses to be transparent.

Church leaders like Pastor Collin Days has yet to comment on this critical child safety issue.

Atlantic City School Board: John Devlin said: Allow return of Caldwell in key district position after board voted him down.

Caldwell came back out of retirement at $600 a day. Doing LaQuetta’s job.

The hiring of Caldwell was not on the Atlantic City Board of Education meeting agenda of December 13, 2022

Board members given no advanced notice by LaQuetta Small

Board members did not know that they had hired a previous Atlantic City superintendent, until after the vote was already taken.