Ernest Coursey Defends Sloppy CASH-ONLY Event Parking Plan

Since 2011, current Atlantic County Commissioner, Ernest Coursey has managed cash collections for Atlantic City special events parking.

Coursey, along with Mayor Small and Kaleem Shabazz are vehemently against credit or debit card payments. They all prefer cash. Last night they squashed Ordinance 13: An auto-payment plan for outdoor event parking.

The Atlantic City special events parking business needs a deep financial audit. Some suggest criminal charges could be considered.

  • Coursey is Chief of Staff for Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.
  • Coursey is married to Leslie White-Coursey, Executive Atlantic County Superintendent of Schools.

As Atlantic County Commissioner, Coursey represents Ventnor, Margate, Longport and Atlantic City.

Credit cards harm minority residents, says AC Business Administrator, Anthony Swan.

Kaleem Shabazz, close ally of Mayor Small, says there IS accountability.

Atlantic City CFO Toro Aberdeen (former Ventnor CFO) defends the current ‘ticket and stub’ process.

We call him ‘Cash-Only Coursey’. He scares away potential event attendees with insane parking prices and practices.Event Promoter Team.

Event parking run by Coursey is all cash and lacks accountability.Public Comment

During 1 & 2 day weekend events: Large amounts of cash goes home with unknown employees until City Hall opens again.

Parking fees being raised again. Doubled from $10 to $20 per car.

Coursey claims there is NO proof that current cash system is un-safe. Shabazz says this is a good system already.

For years, Ernest Coursey has been overlooking and quietly running Atlantic City’s all-cash event parking lots.

Coursey claims this is all dis-information. Money missing? People taking money? Any attempt to count cars is an insult to our employees. Why question their integrity? No one knows how this works.

An automated ticket machine will create traffic backup says Coursey.

  • AC Iron Man event had 2,800 parked cars, presumably brings in $28,000 in cash.
  • AC Beer Fest is another major event that must use event parking controlled by Ernest Coursey.

Credit card machines will back up traffic, says Coursey.

Coursey: It’s insulting. Everything is accounted for. I’ve been running this parking business since 2011. ‘Not one problem yet.’ No more than 3 people collect the money says Coursey. Those 3 presumably take that cash home until City Hall re-opens. Employees that handle the cash can always change. Who are these people?

Coursey: Are they accusing us of stealing? Every dime is accounted for.

Coursey prefers doubling event parking rate to $20 cash.

$5 dollar bills are problematic claims Coursey. Slows the process down.

Who are the AC employees that take home 10’s of thousands in cash?

Atlantic City Council doubles special event parking fee from $10 to $20.

Atlantic County Commissioner Ernest Coursey called in to defend himself.

Coursey’s rare appearance at Atlantic City Council. Claims he doesn’t touch the parking money. So who does touch the money?

Councilman Jesse Kurtz: This is now 2 years of discussion. It’s dangerous to carry so much cash. Who’s holding all that parking revenue?

Council President Sporty Randolph attacked Councilman Kurtz for questioning ‘leaky bucket’ of parking cash.

Councilman Shabazz: Credit cards not practical for 2023 outdoor event season. Not enough time to put credit card process (ex: using Square) into effect. Administration and most of council prefer to keep all cash process for 2023 event parking season.

Issue has been adjourned until the April 19, 2023 meeting.

‘Cash-only Coursey’ Parking Skim?