Atlantic City’s Marty Small Arrest and Indictment Record

Marty Small Arrest Record
LaQuetta and Marty Small

Far too common in Atlantic City. Politicians that don’t respect law and order.

Marty Small Arrest and Indictment Record.

1993- Arrested for manufacturing and distributing Heroin and Cocaine in a school zone. 2nd Degree charge 5 year minimum jail sentence if convicted. Case number 93002746

1993- Arrested distribution of cocaine in a school zone 3rd degree charge. Case number 93002746

1993- Arrested possession of cocaine in a school zone. 3rd degree. Case number 93002746

1998- Arrested Assault. Case number 99000618

1998-Arrested disorderly person. Case number 99000618

2005- Arrested Arson. (While a sitting city Councilman) Case number 05003729

2005- Arrested Assault.(domestic violence while sitting councilman) Beat fiancée with crutch in Hamilton Township

2005- indicted Perjury. Case number 8981798

2005- Indicted Tampering with public use of files with purpose to defraud. Case 05004887

2006- lndicted unlawful election registration. Case 05004887

2009- lndicted election fraud. Docket number- 09-09-00184-S

2009- lndicted absentee ballot fraud. Docket number- 09-09-00184-S

2009- lndicted Falsifying public records. Docket number- 09-09-00184-S

2009- lndicted Tampering with public records. Docket number- 09-09- 00184-S

2009-lndicted forgery. Docket- 09-09-00184-S2009- Indicted Hindering Prosecution. Docket- 09-09-00184-S

    17 thoughts on “Atlantic City’s Marty Small Arrest and Indictment Record”

    1. How come the DOJ the prosecutor ofc.let this man become a public official …my last conviction was 2003 n ccc revoct my casino lic.soon covid hit its all BS. Cover up..i couldn’t work 4 a casino but. Can b a mayor..wat a joke…

      1. I completely understand you CCC trying to do the same thing to my husband now for some fines he his currently making payments. It’s ridiculous. NewJersey we need to do better😮‍💨

    2. Ah The Land of Political drug dealers., And Nepotism Job Sales…🤦💯😂How do you Apply for a #Marty Small.. Family Contract?? To be Awarded Keys to Atlantic City Government Benefits??😭😭🤬

    3. casinocrazymama48

      How is it that Your Acting Mayor, Your Wife is a School Board Offical in 1 way or another.. and Yet She LAQuetta SMALLS is Dressed Like a Ghetto Ass PROSTITUTE, Yet we’re supposed to take these to Seriously With His Wrap Sheet and her Clothing Options how is anyone to take them Seriously.. Besides the fact Seeing this woman dressed like this I wouldn’t want her anywhere around my Children let alone him in Office.

      1. Wow, you made those assumptions based off an outfit? I wonder what your ethnicity is, but then again not important….lol

      2. I strongly agree with u on top of having kids in they home with a pedophile make it make sence

      3. You’re a self hating a$$ trashy loser. You want to hate on these people so bad. Marty Smalls has never in his life sold no damn drugs lol and Dr. Smalls is more then equipped and professional for the job. What you want her to wear over sides clothes to appease your insecure a$$. You probably spend too much time on the computer to take care of your damn kids with statements like, “I don’t want her around my kids.” Your worthless a$$ is a joke

    4. The whole thing is a joke. The mayor, and the city. We are looking to get out like everyone else.

    5. I guess the ones who tried to do the right thing gets prosecuted, and the one who is seeking to steal and destroy gets rewarded. What world are we living in?

    6. The same people on here commenting about this man’s past(because only you folks can change) are the same people voting for DT, so for real be quiet. I don’t even know this man personally, but the usual double standard is quite clear. Be part of the solution not the problem. For you all it’s about the money that’s streaming through the city and this man in the position to know. You could care less about Atlantic City, so Stop the BS. Until you come to terms with what the true grifter is, please stop the nonsense. Most of you writing supported and still support the grifter, van drew and all those who could care less about AC. But ypu will come and work every city and county job there is….

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