Disgraced Atlantic City School Boss Gets Raise & New Contract

Disgraced Atlantic City School Superintendent Barry Caldwell received a sizable raise & new contract last week. The move was surprising as it was not on the school board agenda.

NJ State Monitor Carole Morris supported the new deal for Caldwell.

Barry Caldwell is one of many defendants in a student sex abuse scandal within the Atlantic City School District.

4 thoughts on “Disgraced Atlantic City School Boss Gets Raise & New Contract”

  1. AC School Board meetings. what a joke. The arrogance of Caldwell. sitting there. chewing on something. making faces as they discuss giving this clown a huge salary increase.

  2. School Board President Shay Steele continues to disrespect police officer. Steele and Caldwell promote hatred of police? Seems like it. They laugh at the officer. Steele is bad for kids.

  3. Shay Steeles son was put on the fire department by Marty Small, and he can’t climb up a ladder

    Michael Cupeles from Ventnor is a creep

  4. Black and Proud

    Parents have no idea how AC schools are hurting kids chance for future success. They will graduate without knowing how to properly read and write. Poor math and science skills too. But, student who graduate will know how to hate. They will be more likely to suffer from gender confusion.

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