Some Atlantic City Cabs Over-Charge Visitors, Provide Bad Experience

Atlantic city cab

Social Media Buzz . Atlantic City businessman Coby Frier, owner of The Hideaway Comedy Club, recently posted something many may quickly agree on:

People talk about issues of why Atlantic City is deteriorating and turning visitors off from coming here. Some may say the crime, it is not. The crime here is mostly isolated and tourists are rarely ever victims. The drugs? Prostitution? Tell me a city or town without those issues.

Are Atlantic City cabs held to any standard?

The problem in this city is our cabs. They are in poor shape. They are not held to any standards. They are not monitored for safety. The drivers are not hospitable. They prey on everyone that gets in their car. They shake down business for kickbacks.

I am calling them out one by one and I am asking everyone to like and share and do the same.

atlantic city cabs
Accused of Over Charging

The first cab I’m going to call out is cab #002509#227. This scumbag tried to charge someone $20 from Borgata to Chelsea View, a maximum $13 ride. When she called him on it, and told him she knew the law and was calling mercantile, he tried to kick her out of the cab. Major SCUMBAG!

Cab number 2 took two customers from Tropicana to Harrahs and attempted to charge this visiting couple $30 until he was stopped by an alert Harrah’s doorman.

These guys are killing this city and need to be stopped! Our officials are doing nothing, so we have to!



  1. Vinny Delmastro – Yea they are a rip off they tried to charge me $30 from the AC train Station to ventnor i told the guy im from the area you cant rip me off and he got mad and hopped out and said how much i said thats ok you lost a customer i have a cheaper cab to call i just figured you were more convenient hell with yellow cab! One drive drives around with the meter on $13 and expects you to pay that to go a few blocks

  2. From Concerned Resident: Regarding your article on AC taxis; so frustrating, isn’t it? I couldn’t agree more with the premise set forth by your contributor. I’ve been out of the Cab industry for years now, but I can tell you one thing… the City/County needs a TLC (Taxi/Limousine commission). Continuity, best practices, technology, customer service and discipline is out of control.

  3. It’s almost comical to me that the cabs want to go to city planning meetings and complain about Uber being allowed in Atlantic City when things like this is commonplace. As a part-time Uber driver the number of stories I hear about price gouging cabs is astronomical. At least once a week I will hear of a late night ride from the Marina District to Brigantine that cost $20, $30 or even $40. All they are really doing is driving themselves further away from profitability and scaring riders off.

  4. Guess ur illegal? Legal alien Scum aren’t hospitable? Guess ur scummy illegal president isn’t taking out all of the trash? Mmmm guess ur corrupt dangerous greedy smelly bankrupt town isn’t coming back after all. HARD ROCK OR NOT. AIN’T GOIN TO SAVE U . AT ALL. GOOD LUCK SUCKERS(Atlantic city residents)

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