Atlantic City Public Safety Cutbacks Coming. More Work. Less Pay.

atlantic city Another wave of take-over trauma washed up on the shores of Atlantic City on Thursday night 12/29. An ACPD PBA Public Union memo was made public and read live on-the-air during Harry Hurley’s Ask the Mayor Radio program.

This memo wasn’t pretty. It was downright ugly. More work for less pay. It also could be a sign of things to come in other NJ towns, setting a new tone for public union compensation.

  • Pay cuts across the board
  • 15-step salary guide
  • $45,000 starting salary
  • Pay capped at $90,000
  • Increased health-care contributions
  • 12-hour shifts

Mayor Guardian called the news severe, unfair. A slap in the face. Hurley: Horrific. They’re getting screwed.

Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt joined conversation:

  • Shifts lengthened from 10 to 12 hours. 12 hr work day is dangerous. It’s not safe. Too draconian
  • Hey Mayor……we gotta file for bankruptcy. Lets pressure Mazzeo, Brown & Whelan. Will you make that pledge? Mayor responded: No, I will not.
  • This is not fair collective bargaining

State wants only 250 officers. Too low? 275 might be more suitable number? Putting things into perspective: prior to casino gaming, Atlantic City had upwards of 435 cops.

Digital eye in the sky. Some rare good news…. During the first quarter of 2017, Atlantic City should reap the benefits of a new, hi-tech safety system. Strategically positioned smart cameras will monitor the Boardwalk, Atlantic & Pacific Aves and many housing projects. Over 400 cameras will be monitored remotely from a newly constructed command center inside the ACPD Public Safety Building on Atlantic Ave.

Possible changes with AC Fire Department:

  • 101 layoffs
  • 20% reduction in pay.

More details as they become available.