Blatstein Sued By AC Fan Xpo, Finally, A ‘Due For a Win’ Scoop!

The operators of AC Fan Xpo, who had a very short-lived run inside Bart Blatstein’s Showboat Hotel are taking the vulture investor to court. This is according to the ‘Due For a Win’ podcast about Atlantic City.

AC Fan Xpo is all about geeks, video-games and e-sports. It was Blatstein’s shot at tapping a gamer-focused audience to fill his many vacant hotel rooms at Showboat.

Due for a Win is a fast growing Atlantic City and Casino Biz Podcast featuring Kyle and Craig. This duo was due for a news scoop sooner or later. Episode 50 is all it took.

Listen to DUE FOR A WIN clip about Bart Blatstein’s Garden Pier project, and his upcoming court appearance.

In November 2015, the DUE FOR A WIN team started to verbally document their experiences in AC.

No major awards for these two yet…but…..they are more entertaining and informative than most over-the-air radio here in the Atlantic City area.

Kyle and Craig both have MBAs in things totally unrelated to the casino or hospitality industries, but that won’t stop them from mentioning it as though it makes them authorities on the subject.

They spent so much time talking about proper blackjack techniques, casino openings and closings, comped rooms in Atlantic City, and potential-but-unlikely Vegas trips that they figured….why not create an audio blog & talk about Atlantic City and the casino business?

The latest DFAW features….

  • The scoop on  suing Showboat
  • Bart Blatstein’s PierAC slated to open July 12th on the former Garden Pier.
  • Harrah’s new celebrity restaurant isn’t going to be a Guy joint?
  • Tropicana raised their resort fee without technically raising their resort fee.
  • Taj Mahal has started a 60-day liquidation sale.
  • Revel/TEN: still closed.


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