Atlantic City Boardwalk Committee Meeting Notes OCT 13, 2015

vintage-boardwalk-04-1024The group known as the Atlantic City Boardwalk Committee convened at 9:30a on OCT 13, deep within the bowels of historic Boardwalk Hall.

What did this group of 25 lead by Tom Lamaine talk about? Well, here’s a brief recap that features some of the magical note-taking skills of committee admin and Boardwalk beauty; Sherrie Kendall:

The inlet boardwalk & seawall project is moving along quite nicely. The Army Corp of Engineers are well on their way in removing the OLD, and making way for a new, more sturdy, and properly protect boardwalk that will connect the AC Aquarium & Gardners Basin…to the rest of the boardwalk along the beachfront. Once completed in 2017, we’ll likely have the LONGEST boardwalk anywhere. You’ll be able to walk, run or bike ride from the border of Margate/Ventnor to beauty of Gardners Basin…once home to Captain Starn’s.

The 13th Annual Atlantic City Airshow Recap. September 2, 2015 with US Navy Blue Angels headlining the show. Unofficial attendance figures > 400,000 spectators. The Atlantic City Airshow is still the largest mid-week airshow in the country. Boardwalk sales increased 25% over 2014. Greater Atlantic City Chamber will have impact study available in about 30-40 days.

Boardwalk Hall/Global Spectrum report from General Manager Fran Rodowicz

  • Madonna show attracted 9,000+. AC Comedy Festival drew 6,000 on Saturday and 5,000 on Sunday. Food & Beverage up from last year.
  • Looking to forge new partnerships with vendors
  • Survey taken after every show.  60%-70% eat locally. 55% stayed at a local hotel. Typical with larger shows.
  • Charitable Deck the Halls event happening again this year.  Proceeds donated to CASA. More info soon. December 4 – January 2
  • Upcoming events
    • Friday, October 16 – Silent Film/Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    • Saturday, October 17 – Ricky Martin
    • Friday, November 20 – Silent Film/Metropolis
    • Wednesday, December 16 – Free behind scenes Organ Tour – 10AM

The Adrian Philips /Ballroom Hall inside Boardwalk Hall.  Sound and lighting system to be updated by mid November. Room can be used for B+ acts that don’t play casinos. Weddings, boxing, small promoters and local promoters will use this room, which can hold 3,000 people.

‘Fabricated grid’ soon to be installed in the ARENA…..of Boardwalk Hall.

Report from Commander Tom Gilbert

  • Cameras on the Boardwalk – Bids went out. One has been accepted.  Eventually…. there will be one at every street. Cams can scan down the beach block.
  • Brighter lights on top of poles on the Boardwalk
  • Emphasis  is being placed on security around ‘The Walk’ .  (Tanger Outlets)

ACPD – Captain Chris Kammerman

  • Noise issues – Possible cross training of Class II officers particularly during off hours….would help this issue.
  • Class II officers to be trained for other issues? Ordinances?
  • Bikes on Boardwalk. Only way to change hours is getting City Council to change ordinance.
  • Body Cameras (130 of them) – Every police officer on the street has one. Since wearing them, complaints against officers have dropped 70%.
  • May 2016 start date for new Police Computer System
  • Community Relations with AC Police Department better all the time.

Department of Licensing and Inspections – Director Dale Finch

  • Director Finch reports that ‘sweeps’ were held on the Boardwalk. Illegal contact lenses sold in Boardwalk stores was the biggest offense. Inappropriate displays and signage on the Boardwalk was also a common no-no.
  • Around 60 summons were issued. Some revisions will need to be made in ordinances. A work in progress. Merchants have agreed with new codes? There will be some leniency for now….as to where & how they can they can put & sell stuff. But codes will soon be strictly enforced. (we hope so)
  • There are five Boardwalk Trams in operation. Code is being looked into. Advertising, additional trams and new fares are being considered. ‘Vendor (Boland) needs to recoup money…and the city too’. * Tim Boland will be asked to attend next month’s meeting so he can address issues.

Thank you Fran Rodiwicz and Marie Remer of Boardwalk Hall/Global Spectrum for the coffee and your hospitality and Sandy Peluski of Casa Taco/Siganos Management for the delicious pastries !!!!!!