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Boardwalk Hall Good for ‘Kings of Leon’ Practice, Not Performing

Kings of Leon Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall
Kings of Leon loved to practice in AC…but will not play here.

Say it ain’t so. Atlantic City suffered another EPIC CONCERT FAIL….and the CRDA, Live Nation & Mayor Don Guardian are once again in the thick of it. You won’t read about this in the Press of Atlantic City.

As Wildwood & Ocean City grow their live music scene, seems like some AC leadership are hell-bent on crippling the hi-potential live music vibe here in AC.

Top rock act; ‘Kings of Leon’ spent last week rehearsing here in Atlantic City…at Boardwalk Hall….in preparation for their world tour.

Many are asking: Did Geoff Gordon, VP of Live Nation…(who books shows for CRDA / Atlantic City)…..snub AC again? Did the CRDA drop the ball again?

Or…..maybe AC is too afraid…or too stupid…to negotiate & put pressure on LIVE NATION. Make them use situations like these (big band practicing in town)…for the good of AC.

Having one of the world’s biggest tours rehearse in Boardwalk Hall was a coup for Spectra and our facility,” says Chris Howard, Executive Director of the CRDA. The band was able to take in the night life and enjoy some of Atlantic City’s great amenities for a few days.

Kings of Leon will NOT play Atlantic City…..but they did/will play:

  • Thursday, Jan 12, National Harbor Casino, MD, National Harbor
  • Thursday, Jan 19, Philadelphia, PA, Wells Fargo Center

Let me get this straight….the CRDA was cool with letting Kings of Leon practice in Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. But…they (including Mayor Guardian) didn’t share this really cool news with City Council…or with others that would find this fascinating…

Did the CRDA ( featuring typically passive board members like Mayor Guardian, SJ Biz Chamber’s Deb Dilorenzo & uber-socialite sweetheart Gary Hill ) try to get something out of this deal for the benefit of AC?


Maybe it’s time to REALLY clean house at the CRDA? Do we really need all those directors & boardmembers….geez. approx 25 !!

We might want to start pink-slipping the CRDA members who are totally clueless about entertainment & tourism, the FUTURE of Atlantic City. Well, that’s most of them.

Funny that the CRDA is substantially made up of those with minimal interest in the revitalization of the CITY of Atlantic City. In actuality….the CRDA is all about CASINO REVENUE and a few handpicked construction jobs. That’s it.

Background: For the past few years, CRDA has placed heavy focus on funneling IAT money back into the casinos…so they could expand & upgrade. That was NOT how those dollars were supposed to be spent.

The Mayor of AC never said a peep about this highly questionable allocation of CRDA funds. Neither did ultra-cute socialite Gary Hill. Both need to stand up for this city….but we wonder why they watched as these dollars were allegedly mis-spent (Casinos allegedly wine & dine Mayor Don & others into submission? Who knows.)

Instead of paving ALL of our potholed AC streets & making the city MUCH safer with more lighting & cops….the CRDA let casinos upgrade their own properties with millions of IAT tax dollars that should have gone to the betterment of the City of Atlantic City.

And those CRDA summer concert efforts? Most feel they have been a complete failure. Big money losers too.

With all due respect CRDA….you kinda suck. Bad. I gotta tell ya. No wonder many of you will soon be gutted like a fresh caught inlet striper.

Mayor & part-time Boardwalk bathroom inspector; Don Guardian, along with that local, lovable socialite; Gary Hill, should be ashamed of themselves. As CRDA board members….both had a front row seat to all this monkey business….and said nothing. Not even a small objection?

FYI: Gary Hill is also Vice Chairman/Secretary of the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA).

As usual….the declining Press of AC had no interest in this REAL story of municipal musical mayhem. And those so-called entertainment ‘experts’ on local radio? Much too spineless…to talk about this embarrassing….latest screwing… of Atlantic City.

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