Congressional Candidate Kennedy Supports Defunding of Police

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Democrat candidate for Congress, Amy Kennedy has now endorsed the defunding of police.

Amy Kennedy says: “There’s a lot of merit to what we’re hearing around the country when we talk about how we should be reallocating funds to make healthy communities”.

Kennedy will try to unseat incumbent Republican Jeff Van Drew in the upcoming November election.

Kennedy was nominated by Longport Mayor Nick Russo. She also has the support of Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler and the Communications Workers of America.

From New Jersey Globe: The Callaway-controlled Atlantic City Democratic organization is backing Amy Kennedy against Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-Dennis) in New Jersey’s 2nd district.

Reports suggest that Amy Kennedy enjoyed support from Craig Callaway.

Callaway once plead guilty to accepting a $10,000 cash bribe for an undercover FBI agent and for his role in blackmailing a rival Atlantic City council colleague.

“Through hushed conversations by county committee members, it was widely understood that the Kennedy campaign paid the Callaway organization over $100,000 while fully understanding his criminal past and unsavory tactics,” Cunningham said.

Read more at New Jersey Globe

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  1. Of course she wants to defund the police. She’s just another looser Kennedy. They are like the Clintons. They just don;t want to go away. They think they are relevant. Look at the pictures of her with the crowd around her, mostly blacks. They need to wake up to, and realize that they have been used for decades by the Dems just for their votes and have gotten nothing in return. Just look at one of their own who was President for eight years. What did he do for the black people in America. Nothing just like Biden would do for them. Now look at what Trump has done for them in the last four years. Do you see a difference. Wake up. As Trump said in 2016, What The Hell Do You Have To Loose.

    1. What I hope we loose is that punk jeaney doing his stand back ghettofile posts which serve to do nothing other than support the devide we see these days he needs to grow up man up and educate up or else who will ever consider his banter relevant….. and by the way Jenny boy if you’re reading this and can’t understand it’s about real people who have love for one another taking your dumbass seriously…… gud luck brah ott sheet

  2. Let me start my commentary with……….ta…….da…… “
    I think that”……I think that…. I will talk soo much shit you won’t really know what I’m saying or what I stand for.:::

  3. What kind of a leader endorses taking away from community safety and policing…. I mean really people have we all gone insane?? Without structure and police a civilized society could never exist….we would be at the mercy every day of those amongst us who would do us harm…
    Anyone of you who would support this Kennedy ought to first try and serve your community in the role of a police officer before you dare think that this line of thinking is wise….

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