Harassment Charges For Man Who Threatened Congressman Van Drew

The man who left NJ Congressman Jeff Van Drew threatening messages on his home phone, has been charged with harassment. Ocean City Police have charged John McCall.

A voicemail by McCall was left for Van Drew at his home: “will do everything in my power to make sure you are deposed if not dead.”

The Ocean City Sentinel also printed graphic columns by McCall, some referencing Van Drew’s wife.

McCall: Van Drew deserves the fate of all traitors.

Van Drew demanded Ocean City Sentinel apologize for printing those guest columns.

OC Sentinel Publisher Nahan doubts statements by McCall were serious threats.

Death threats against Van Drew and the threat of sexual assault against his wife.

Some still fuming that moderate Van Drew switched parties from Democrat to Republican in 2019. Van Drew bucked the party line and voted NO to impeach President Donald Trump.

Van Drew & AC Mayor Small.

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