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Listen to ACprimetime Radio for AUG 16, 2016. We cover the re-invention of Atlantic City, and we celebrate the awesomeness that is Brigantine, Ventnor, Margate and Ocean City.

Atlantic City Primetime Radio SHOW NOTES:

In this episode, we talk about so-called ‘road diets’ in Margate and Ventnor, which will slow speeding traffic  and create a more pedestrian and bike friendly Downbeach. Could Margate re-build it’s Boardwalk?

We head to Ocean City for an examination of feeding the seagulls could get you fined, or thrown in jail.

The owner of the Press of Atlantic City admits papers are losing advertisers and readers. Even Radio is hiding the fact that their advertisers are ditching AM & FM for the fertile fields of Internet marketing.

Over on THE ROCK, better known as the beautiful island of Brigantine, we dive into another brazen example of Greenhead Politics in action. Mayor Phil Guenther defends re-hire of Doran Engineering, a firm well-known for illegal billing and invoicing.

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