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Raw Sewage Leak at Bader Field Stopped.

Sewer bypass completed at Bader Field in Atlantic City. Raw sewage discharge stopped, repair work continues.

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) reports that the damaged underground 30” force main bypassed, discharge stopped at  2:50 am, Thursday, September 28, 2017.

Where: The location of the damaged pipe is on the west side of Bader Field (Great Thorofare, near Beach Thorofare and Inside Thorofare area).  This force main services the Downbeach communities, as well as the Chelsea Heights section of Atlantic City and Seaview Harbor Marina in Egg Harbor Township.

Additional Details:      

  • ACUA’s emergency contractor has successfully completed the bypass operation to contain and redirect the flow of wastewater so that the force main can be repaired.
  • Over the past four days, areas on either side of the damaged pipe were excavated and fittings were attached to the force main at these two locations. Specialized equipment was used to attach pipe fittings and to tap into the force main on either side of the leak.
  • In order to put the bypass system into operation, neighboring pump stations stopped wastewater from entering the force main at 2 am, when flows are at their lowest. At 2:50 am, the bypass began.
  • The ACUA, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, the County and the City of Atlantic City’s Health Department continue to monitor water quality by collecting and analyzing water samples daily.
  • Although the discharge has stopped, the City of Atlantic City Health Department continues to request that all recreational activities (swimming, fishing, shellfishing, crabbing, kayaking, jet skiing, etc.)  in the back bay areas of Atlantic City be suspended. This is temporary, but will continue while water quality tested and monitored.
  • The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), local health departments and office of emergency management personnel continue to be updated on the situation.  Updates and additional information continue to be  posted to acua.com/sewerupdate

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