Vertical Rollercoaster on Track to Occupy Sands Casino Lot in Atlantic City

skyplexAccording to the Philadelphia Business Journal, Atlantic City’s boardwalk is still targeted for it’s first and only vertical roller coaster. The design phase has started according to developer Joshua Wallack, who met with city officials on Tuesday, July 21, to discuss the project.

“I’ve seen their drawings,” New Jersey Sen. Sweeney said. “The parties involved are real; they’re real entities that have the resources to make it happen.” Sweeney met last week with developer Joshua Wallack, who announced he would be bringing the US Thrill Rides-created concept to Atlantic City’s Boardwalk.

If thing go as planned, the ride would open by Memorial Day of 2018.

The Philadelphia Business Journal also reported Senator Sweeney’s confidence in this particular non-gaming attraction. Might it actually get built? Sweeney said he’s met with many people with proposals and ideas in the past — great concepts with “no one with the ability to execute it.” “The parties here have the wherewithal to get it done,” he said. “There are only a few of them that are real, and this is a real one.”

The attraction would most likely be located on the site of the former Sands Atlantic City casino-hotel.

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