Assemblyman Chris Brown: Casinos, Podcasting & Terrorism

assemblyman chris brown atlantic city
Assemblyman Brown on ACprimetime Radio

LISTEN > He fights hard against North Jersey Casinos than NJ Assemblyman; Chris Brown. That’s why we had him as a guest on ACprimetime Radio.

Didya know? Brown served two military tours and is now a successful Atlantic City attorney. Super-passionate about keeping casino gaming out of North Jersey.

We talk about:

  • Atlantic City Casinos. Our love/hate relationship with: Borgata
  • Crazy tax assessments & tax appeals
  • The REAL financial value of Borgata. (it’s $1.8 Billion….NOT $850 million.)
  • In an over-saturated market, the NJ sees no net gain by expanding gaming
  • Protecting jobs in Atlantic City & Atlantic County
  • The pros & cons of North Jersey casinos
  • National & local security. Lone-wolf terrorism
  • The 9-11 Memorial on the Atlantic City Boardwalk
  • His new found love of pod-casting

What you’re saying is in this over-saturated market, the answer is to add casinos to the market?” Assemblyman Chris Brown.


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