Best of AC Primetime – Bike Rental Vending at Claridge Hotel

Now that we can ride the Atlantic City Boardwalk til noon everyday, more of us want to do a little 2-wheeled sight-seeing along our beautiful ocean front. It’s a hassle to strap a bunch of bikes to the family car. It’s expensive to buy a bicycle if you rarely ride it. What to do?

Say hello to Spinway, just off the Atlantic City Boardwalk at the Claridge Hotel.

How Do Spinway Bike Rentals Work? Insert your credit card, grab a bike and go. When finished, return the bike to any station in the network. Easy peazy, lemon squeezy. A central computer server tracks each bicycle through RFID technology. Just like Coca-Cola vending revolutionized the soft drink market, Spinway is changing the bicycle rental market by providing a new and innovative service.

4 thoughts on “Best of AC Primetime – Bike Rental Vending at Claridge Hotel”

  1. They don’t post times for rental until you try and rent….ruined our plans by then….can rent only until430…then when we went to rent the next day, we could only rent one bike because the other two were not reliable due to ” in need of service” …so now we have one bike paid for and two people with no bikes….these broken ones should be listed before you pay so u know if there are enough bikes in the part to rent….no one answers the phone…only leave message..
    Ughhhhhh!!!! Two days wasted trying to rent.

  2. They did get back to us by email within half hour to refund us , but need better info posted by the bikes not after you put in your card.

  3. On September 18th my husband and I rented 2 bikes, had them less than an hr, and was double charged on our credit card. We were away on vacation and didn’t notice this til returning home and looking through charges! We have left numerous messages on your answering machine, in last 2 weeks….our credit card co is also investigating. Love to hear from Have always biked when there, not so sure now,😢

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