Atlantic City Democrats Question Mayor Gilliam About $10,000 Check

Michael Suleiman and Frank Gilliam
Michael Suleiman and Frank Gilliam

Did Frank Gilliam sign & deposit a $10,000 check destined for the Atlantic City Democratic Committee…. into his own campaign account?

Copies of the processed check were emailed anonymously to members of Atlantic City Democrat committee members. That’s when all hell broke loose. Atlantic City Democratic committee chairman, Joyce Molineux, is not a happy camper.

Some allegations so far:

Gilliam campaign manager, Richard Winstead, may have been a courier for this check. Atlantic County Democratic Committee chairman, Michael Suleiman may have given check to Winstead, according to Atlantic City Democratic Committee member Durwood Pinkett. (as heard on Harry Hurley)

  • Still trying to figure this puzzle out.
  • Harry Hurley says there could be a possible, criminal investigation.

Background: October 12, 2017, Atlantic County Democratic Committee wrote a check for $10,000, made payable to the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.

  • Looks like the Atlantic City Democratic Committee never received that $10,000 donation from the Atlantic County Democratic Committee.
  • Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam, looks to have signed/endorsed and deposited the check into his own campaign account.


  1. He came into office as someone unworthy of the office of Mayor , from a moral and integrity standpoint , so I would expect anything of a nefarious nature from this guy .

  2. Why is this not headline story for the Press and other local news agency’s?If this was a white conservative it would be.Looks like new mayor just following the trend of corrupt black liberal politicians who don’t give a shit about there populace,just there own well being.

  3. Steven Dicht from Ventnor was the Democratic Treasurer also involved in all money. Donations from the Party to a candidate are allowed but not if they are hiding the donor who already gave to the limit. Check says from City not County, which is it? Gilliam has too many Langford people with him now he hid before the election, sad for AC but Guardian FAILED.

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