Atlantic City Held Back by Council? Boardwalk Beverages.

Is the City Council of Atlantic City helping…or hurting the re-invention of our seaside resort? Atlantic City has been held back once again by a few on Council more concerned with votes, than economic turn-around. The Boardwalk Beverage ordinance has been delayed once again. LISTEN TO the ACprimetime Radio report.

At the most recent council meeting, a majority of elected leaders squashed a critical ‘Boardwalk beverage’ ordinance. This economy killing opportunity was lead by the infamous, Councilman George Tibbett, who recently was caught by a 6 ABC Action News sting operation. Tibbett was video-taped using a City vehicle for personal use, something he claimed he stopped doing 2 years prior.

Also against the open container ordinance is Councilman Frank Gilliam Jr.

Ironically, the former Council President is pushing for legalization of Marijuana in Atlantic City.

Another who says no for now: Council President, Marty Small. This Mayoral hopeful likely doesn’t want to offend a very small, but vocal group of local voters.

Should AC’s economic recovery be overseen by a handful of elected party-poopers?

2 thoughts on “Atlantic City Held Back by Council? Boardwalk Beverages.”

  1. I agree that city government needs to be open to new ideas and operate much more efficiently. I just don’t believe allowing alcohol throughout the Tourism District would be a game changer since I could provide equally compelling arguments for and against it. Stabilizing or lowering taxes is a much more pressing issue, one which will provide stability, a must for attracting the investors who will develop new venues to lure additional visitors.

    Furthermore, I disagree with the argument that Atlantic City needs to decide whether it wants to be a gaming, entertainment or convention town verses a family-friendly destination. Why can’t it cater to both, with a slight bias towards the first? There are quite a few families on the boardwalk in the summertime. Does it make any sense to send them and their money along to another area?

    I always enjoy AC Primetime’s content and typically agree with the majority of the site’s opinions. This time though, I have mixed feelings.

  2. Our City has 24 / 7 Casino’s, Bars and nightclubs, not to mention multiple “Gentlemen s Clubs”. Whether or not we are “Family friendly or not has already been decided. As opposed to continue to struggle with trying to become something we never will, we need to embrace what we are: An Adult destination Resort, with Adult Amenities. Amenities in a Tourism Industry ARE revenue generating and job creating, period. This is not to say we are not kid friendly, as we are. However destinations such as Key West, Las Vegas, Memphis and even Disney have open container ordinances,to which we must follow to continue to transition into a more non gaming based economy. While I admire City Council for their stances on various issues, I absolutely disagree with the near nearsightedness and petty politics being played here. I also disagree with the fact that the City has not filed the appropriate action against the State in Federal Court, however I will save that developing issue for another day.

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