Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Charged or Arrested 14 Times in Past.

Small, Hill & Shabazz.

Atlantic City’s new mayor has a lengthy arrest record dating back more than 25 years. That’s according to NEW JERSEY GLOBE.

Mayor Marty Small, who took office earlier this month after Mayor Frank Gilliam resigned following his arrest on wire fraud charges, has never been convicted of a crime but has been charged or arrested at least 14 times since 1993.

Marty Small’s earliest arrests were for allegedly selling narcotics near an Atlantic City school.

In 1999, Marty Small was indicted on assault and disorderly person charges.

Those arrests, which totaled five criminal charges, all occurred before Small took office as an Atlantic City councilman, but the bulk of Small’s previous arrests came after he became an elected official.

He was indicted on numerous charges related to an alleged absentee ballot fraud scheme in 2006. Those charges, along with a 2005 perjury charge related to the purported scheme did not end in conviction.

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  1. So what’s new? Same old, same old. Yet another criminal allowed to step into the light and hold the reins for awhile….until they fall.

    1. Don Guardian was gay and yes WHITE ! But not corrupt like Frank and Marty ! How many times has Don been arrested? how many times has Marty or Frank? at least 10.

  2. All the kids and neighbors of the thugs carrying guns (they probably are sure to show them off) know who they are but it’s not cool, and could be dangerous, to snitch. Maybe some of these Big City Mayors can set up a tight lipped anonymous substantial cash reward system to name those holding the guns and get them before they kill someone and destroy their own lives in the process. They know where the guns are.

  3. When will this attempt at slander stop! This is yet another click bate scheme to overshadow the good that has been done by Mayor Small! This is just another indication that the press is biased! I charge you to show how many charges he was convicted of vs how much good he has done for his ward and the overall citizens of Atlantic City!

    1. Also what about other countries around Atlantic City..Focus on their corruption issues and publishes it as furious as u do the Mayors.

  4. Let’s keep it real here about our new mayor Marty Smalls. Mr. Smalls is a product of the eighties and nineties when the city police department was corrupt and quick to prey on young black men and stick them into jail and add false claims to their situations.

    I’m not saying that maybe some of his youth was not perfect, but we know today back in the 1970s eighties and nineties the Alantic City police department was just ask corrupt as you are putting this on Mr. Smalls.

    The residents of Atlantic city have their right to vote for whomever they like.

    1. Ya false claims when they caught him selling drugs read handed and in his pocket ! Fake news clown

  5. Don G still should be mayor ! He was robbed with voter fraud from Gilliam now you put another corrupt democrat in office look what he just did with his wife total corruption at its best from the shady city of Atlantic City . The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ! Keep voting these shady inner city idiots in or stealing the election ????

  6. I agree 100 percent! Don was all about Atlantic City and stayed away from corruption . Frank and Marty only know corruption

  7. Atlantic City NJ has a new “Rock Bottom”. It seems that corruption has a new name and face. New Jersey’s casino zone goes from bad to worst. Looks like the criminal activity just can’t be removed, adjusted, or eliminated. A new low point for visiting Atlantic City NJ Casino’s or the crime-ridden Tanger Outlets.

  8. Marty I’ve criticized you in the past but I applaud you for the zero tolerance policy
    Keep up the Good work and I will compliment you again.
    Good luck sir you have quite the mess to deal with……

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