CRDA Land Banking, Small Ball, Who the F is MudShare?

CRDA marty small ed gant
Mayor Marty & CRDA. Baptism by Fire.

NOTES from OCT 2019 meeting of CRDA. With less casino tax revenue to spend, CRDA board members like ED GANT are fighting to keep their slice of a much smaller pie.

Gant is business manager for IBEW Local 351. His main objective is to steer CRDA funds to the union he represents.

Gant going on the offensive. Wants to know more about potentially wasted funds, dubious expenditures and insider deals.

Why do we pay Mud Share $50,000 per month?

Ed Gant of CRDA

What is Mudshare providing to the city? Who are they? What do they do? Mudshare is a mystery to Gant. ‘I’m not sure what they’re gonna do’, says Gant, putting CDRA Exec Director Matt Doherty on the spot. Looks like Gant not part of the CRDA inner circle. The ‘committee’.

Ed Gant also asked about a ‘ball’ at the Convention Ctr. Was CRDA involved? Awkward. The Marty Small Ball.

Watch CRDA Video by TRIAX 57 >

CRDA landbanking. 300 properties not paying taxes.

AC Mayor Marty Small says over 300 Atlantic City properties controlled by CRDA, are not paying taxes. Small allows CRDA’s Landgraf & Mulchahy to escape deeper discussion of the issue. Watch video below.

Mulchahy: ‘We have tried to place many lots up for auction. Lance, I don’t think we have any lots left? ‘Not outside the tourism district’ says Landgraf.

According to CRDA Zoning Czar, Lance Landgraf, not many vacant properties left outside the tourist district. Most are inside the tourism district, which Landgraf controls. Mayor Small declined to challenge Landgraf.

Time For New CRDA Board-members

Speedy Marsh will be exiting AC Council in a few months. Finally decides to attend a CRDA meeting. Why didn’t Speedy attend CRDA meetings over the years? Homeboy busy suing everyone. Especially his employers.

CRDA board-members. Many are ‘holdovers’. 2-year limit. Overstaying their welcome. When will those seats be re-appointed or replaced? Speedy commented, ‘I think its time we acted on that. Some people have been here for over 2 years.’

CRDA Chairman Mulchahy: ‘I know there are holdovers here. I’m one of them.’

AC CRDA Speedy Geoff 10.15.2019 from Get Smart Digital on Vimeo.

Atlantic City CRDA Speedy & Geoff Rosenbger.

According to Mulchahy, CRDA appointments come from the Governor, Senate and Assembly. NJ Governor gets most. Senate and Assembly each get two.

City of Atlantic City only gets 2 of the 17 CRDA seats. Current Mayor sits in one seat. The other occupied by wealthy socialite, Gary Hill.

Question raised: Should Mayor Marty Small call for more diversity within CRDA?

Social Justice Warrior Alert. CRDA board filled with ‘old white guys’ who don’t live in Atlantic City.

Social Media comment: If AC Mayor Marty Small doesn’t get his way, will CRDA board be accused of racism? Small often brings up skin pigmentation when confronted by opposing views.

See video. Marty Small Racism Melt-Down.

Mulchahy gave a shout out to County Freeholder, Ernest Coursey, who hopes to be Small’s Chief of Staff one day.

CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority board meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month. All in a room wayyyy too small. Too few seats. Can barely accommodate 25 members of general public. Overflow people must stand in the hallway.

Meeting time 2p. ‘Totally inconvenient for most Atlantic City residents’ says 1st Ward candidate for City Council, Geoff Rosenberger.

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