Atlantic City Playing Favorites with Blatstein? Straub Not Amused.

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Mayor is not amused, but looks cool in hard hat.

The City Council of Atlantic City OK’ed the Mayor’s plan to sell Bart Blatstein the sand lot next to Showboat for $3.8 million….and Garden Pier for a measly $1.5 million. Oddly, these two premium parcels were not part of the recent auctions of City land. REVEL’s Glenn Straub was not amused and is claiming Mayor Don Guardian is playing favorites.

Does Blatstein have more than just broad dreams for the 2 Atlantic City sites?

Did Blatstein just buy em’ up at fire sale prices…to get them off the market, with no public auction?

The Philly based developer won’t provide much detail as to what his long-term plans are for both Garden Pier & Volleyball court.

According to Press of Atlantic City: his proposals to the city were vague: a “multifaceted entertainment destination” for the pier, an “event and entertainment center” for the volleyball court.

Press of Atlantic City pushed Bart Blatstein for more details, he said: “I’m not telling you.”

Note: City did NOT put these 2 properties up for auction….only out to BID. Originally, they were to be leased. These properties were said to have conditions attached to any sale: must create near-term jobs and have direct and timely economic impact for the city. ‘Buy and hold’ was allegedly forbidden.

REVEL’s Glenn Straub wanted Garden Pier and the volleyball court too.

Was Glenn given fair chance to buy the properties? Let’s just say this, AC Mayor Don Guardian does NOT have Glenn on his Christmas card list.

Straub’s attorney has already threatened legal action because the deal wasn’t made public before the meeting. Straub says the Mayor, Council and City Hall are playing favorites and Blatstein is getting the inside track on many premium parcels of Atlantic City Real Estate.

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  1. blatstein and straub would do better to stop competing and work together to buy out the slum housing, raze and gentrify it and get crime out of their playground (north maryland ring a bell? the violent robbery in a parking garage? two murders over a weekend?)

    until future tax-paying residents and guests perceive ac as safe and non-threatening, ‘doing ac’ will never happen.

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