Atlantic City Schools Flunk State Performance Report

Atlantic City High School Education
Atlantic City High School. Epic Fail.

Atlantic City Schools are still a mess. No matter how much money you throw at the dysfunctional district. More cash could be on the way, courtesy of Gov. Murphy and the benevolent NJ taxpayers.

Did ya know? The New Jersey Department of Education just released the NJ School Performance Report for the 2017-18 school year. The reports are designed to inform and empower communities. School leaders can use the reports to help identify areas in which they can better meet the needs of students.

Atlantic City parents and guardians can use school performance reports to track student progress.

We can’t help but throw up in our mouth a little, when we hear about efforts to attract young families to the resort town.

What mom and dad would ever say…hey honey, lets raise our kids in Atlantic City. They’ll get a great education there. They can have easy access to weed, too. And one day, they’ll be able to gamble too. Nice.

Less than crappy scores in math, reading and writing. By the time kids get to Atlantic City High School, it gets worse. Especially chronic absenteeism.

ACCC, Atlantic Cape Community College, is struggling. Enrollment slipping for years. Questionable enrollment at the brand new Stockton Atlantic City too. Unknown occupancy in the seaside dorms. Why are we forcing EVERYBODY to go to college?

Too many classes, curriculum and special events focused on issues that will NOT prepare students for the work force. Sad. Detractors see colleges like Stockton, nothing but indoctrination facilities.

Yawn. Local media like the Press of Atlantic City didn’t see these school performance reports as a top story. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Most egregious: how school and city leadership don’t see this as a crisis. Shame on the Atlantic City principals who oversee these schools.

Atlantic City Area Needs More Charter Schools? Councilman Small May Think So. Maybe.

AC Councilman Marty Small was recently employed in Egg Harbor Township by the Principle Academy Charter School. This comes after 9 employees were just let go. The shake-up had something to do with the school’s charter renewal. But who knows.

The school was originally called the International Academy of Atlantic City Charter School. It opened in 2015. The school is now located in the Cardiff Power Center.

Principle Academy Charter School hired Atlantic City Councilman Marty Small as athletic director. His salary is $90,000 per year. Small is married to Dr. LaQuetta Small, principal of Pennsylvania Ave. School in Atlantic City.

Seth Grossman from There is one simple way to end this yearly food fight over state income tax money dedicated to property tax relief-and the corruption and pay-to-play politics that goes with it. Follow the NJ State Constitution as written. Distribute every dollar per capita to each school district, for each enrolled student.

Read it and weep. Click to see the recent NJ School Performance reports:

See full School Performance reports here:

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