Atlantic County Republicans See Increase of Millennial Voters

Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis announced today that he will ask members of the Atlantic County Republican Committee to approve of a new Young Republicans organization to focus on targeting millennial voters for the fall election. He will present the concept to Republicans when they meet on June 12 for their reorganization meeting.

“Young voters care about the direction of our country and want continued economic growth,” said Davis. “But if our message about creating and keeping good-paying jobs doesn’t get out to younger voters, we won’t be able to grow as a party.”

Brian Fitzherbert to lead the new organization until elections can be held for the executive committee. “During his campaign for Congress, Brian demonstrated strong leadership skills, a command of the issues and an outgoing, friendly personality,” said Davis. “I’m pleased that he will remain invested in our community going forward and believe he will bring energy into our party through the Atlantic County Young Republicans.”

Fitzherbert said he’s up for the new challenge. “I’m looking forward to this new opportunity to help communicate our message to younger Republicans and work to elect Republicans county-wide,” Fitzherbert said. “We have critical elections in the fall and millennial voters need to be a part of our winning coalition.”

Freeholder Amy Gatto, a young Republican herself, is happy to see a solid effort at motivating 20 and 30-year-olds to get more involved in politics.

“I became involved in government in the Eighth Grade by shadowing the late former Mayor of Hamilton Township Joe Nickels through Youth in Government Day,” said Freeholder Gatto, who previously was the youngest mayor in Atlantic County before running for freeholder. “If we can engage young people early on, it not only helps our party, but it helps our community become stronger and more representative of who we represent.”

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